paris is always a good idea


8.12 – 11.12, Extempore trip to Paris! My friend just had a thought, how cool would it be to go enjoy the christmassy feeling in Paris and shop all the christmas presents there!? I was excited as soon as I heard the word Christmas and Paris in one sentence. Oooh yes! Can’t wait to spend a few days there in early December!

Any traveling tips? Thank you in advance, if you have some to share with me :) The last time I was in Paris was such a long time ago, I barely remember a thing!

8.12 – 11.12, Pariisi kutsuu! Kaverini sai vain ajatuksen, miten siistiä olisi nauttia aikaisesta joulufiiliksestä Pariisissa, ja kenties jotain joululahjashoppailuakin! Innostuin heti kun kuulin sanat joulu ja Pariisi samassa lauseessa, hahaa. En malta oottaa!

Kaikki vinkit on nyt tervetulleita, ihan mitä vain Pariisiin liittyen! Kiitos jo etukäteen :) Viime Ranskan reissuista on niin pitkä aika, etten muista paljoakaan…

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  1. TugbaHearts

    Beautiful pictures the Coffee look soo delicious! :)) It’s christmas time so I guess this is one more reason to travel to Paris apart of that it is of course always a good Idea! The decoration is wonderful, I wished I could be there too :) xx


      Aw yes, Paris is always a good idea. Check out my ovn travel-guide on my blog in ,,travel” label. ;-)
      greetings from Poland,

      • anon

        dear marianna, what about a post of your birthday presents you got? we are curious <3

    • Lauriane

      Hey Marianna! How cool it is to go to Paris for Christmas!
      Actually I’m living in France and not really far from Paris (3hours by car) and I go there every year because everything seems so beautiful and mainly during Christmas.
      I’ve already visited a lot of countries but for fashion, nothing is better for me than Paris! If you need it I can give you some advice:
      Of course you must see Champs-Elysee Avenue during your trip and there you’ll find H&M, Zara… hmm…3 times bigger than all the other H&M in France! Shops are open until midnight and maybe more I don’t really know the exact hour :D
      The Eiffel Tower is shining and it is so beautiful to see!
      You can visit Montaigne Avenue, it is full of shops (actually, there are only shops) and the avenue is soooo long and so beautiful! But you will only find clothes created by the most famous fashion designers in the world like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabana and less famous ones like Paul & Joe and Chloé but these are expensive too!
      And…I think it’s all! :D
      So, I wish you a safe flight and a very beautiful journey in Paris Marianna! Kisses <3

  2. Joyce

    Christmas in Paris sounds so amazing and beautiful! I have never been there, so I look forward to seeing all your lovely photos :)

  3. Nyla

    During christmas time is a christmasmarket on the lower champs elysees. It’s pretty cute, you should check that out! And I think shell season starts in December. If you’re into that you definiately should eat them! Which I loved last year during christmas was the decoration in the grad galeries (Galarie Lafayette).
    Have fun and show us a lot of pictures :)

  4. Polly

    yes!you’re right!Paris is so amazing before Cristmas!

    Polly with love from Russia

  5. Anonymous

    you have to buy skincare products from their local pharmacy they have the best products its a must :) and enjoy

  6. ee

    Itse olin koulun kautta käymässä Pariisissa just viime joulukuun alussa. Jouluvalot ja koristelut on ihanan näkösiä, varsinkin Galeries Lafayette ja Printemps näyttää tosi kivoilta.

    Champs Elysees-kadulla on joulumarkkinat, muistaakseni jossain siinä kun mennään riemukaarelle päin. Ja ite tykkäsin tosi paljon latinalaiskorttelista, siitä pääsee sitten helposti kävelemällä vaikka Notre Dameen. Kannattaa ostaa semmonen kymmenen metrolipun paketti, metrolla kulkeminen on Pariisissa tosi helppoa.

    Tossa ois nyt joitakin, toivottavasti teille tulee kiva reissu :) muistakaa ottaa sateenvarjot mukaan!

  7. Dana

    I live in Paris. I wish I could see you:)

  8. Teemu Bling

    NICE!!! Hyvää matkaa, nauti Pariisista! <3

  9. Silja

    Sacre coeur -kirkko on varmasti ihana jouluisena.. Ja Mariage Freres on teekauppa/museo -legenda, josta saa ihania teelaatuja irtomyyntinä kuten The sur le Nil ja Marco Polo. :)

  10. Lucy

    I’m going to be there exactly the same time as you! Maybe I’ll bump into you and see you there! :) I really recommend the Champs-Elysées – they do lovely Christmasy things around there that time of year x x

  11. Pauline

    It’s so wonderful that you’re coming to Paris before christmas! The city is amazing at this time of the year (not that there is a moment where it’s not). What I love to do around Christmas is to go to big stores like “Le Bon Marché” or “Les Galeries Lafayettes” because they have the most wonderful christmas-themed windows. Winter and christmas is also the only time of the year when I let myself go for hot chocolates, and the one at “Angelina” has to be the best in Paris. As other people said, you can visit the Christmas market near the Champs Elysées – it’s really nothing special (I never ever bought anything here) but it actually looks lovely and you just get into the christmas spirit!

    Anyway, I hope this was helpful and I wish you a wonderful time there :) I hope you’ll like hanging out again in our city!

  12. Lali

    Ohhh…I will be in Paris the same week-end. :)

  13. Audrey

    I recommend you the Champs-Elysées of course with their beautiful shop window and lights at christmas, with Abercrombie & Fitch, sephora, … You have to visit Notre-Dame de Paris, the Louvre or at least the Tuileries’s garden, the Trocadero to have the best view of the Tour Eiffel … But there are so many things :)

    Audrey from France

  14. Laura

    Well, as a Parisian, I might give you some tips; so feel free to write me if you have any questions =) I’d be happy to help =)

  15. Laura

    As I’m Parisian, I might give you some tips; so feel free to write me if you have any questions =) I’d be happy to help=)

  16. Marwa

    I live in Paris , and it’s amazing aha x) Les Champs Elysees, La tour Eiffel waw it’s so beautiful <3

  17. Anonymous

    Once you’re in Paris, you HAVE to go to “Le Coffee Parisien”, which is the best place to eat Hamburgers. I swear, it’s delicious.
    Always loving what you do since years,


  18. Stephanie

    For getting a real christmas feeling in the middle of Paris, go to Place de l’Hotêl de Ville a late afternoon. No exciting shopping, just the nicest feeling ever.


  19. Noush

    It’s a great idea, Paris is so amazing in Christmas ! You’ll love that !

  20. The slow pace

    Oh, such a nice getaway! My advice would be: walk, walk, walk. Get lost in the little squares, wander through the streets with no aim… And obviously: shop! ;-)

  21. Natalia

    You need to buy some christmas gifts at: . It’s a MUST :) And definitely visit „Café des 2 Moulins” on Rue Lepic- if you seen the mowie “Amelie”. If not – watch it, it’s a beautiful movie :) and was filmed in Paris :)
    Ohh and Sephora at champs elysees – so huge :)


  22. Charlotte

    Hi Mariannan !

    I’m a parisian girl and i just read your post soooo I can resist : I advice you to spend some quality time (for shopping & fooding):

    – in the “Marais” who is the traditionnal jewish area but also an area full opening shops every sunday’s where you and your friends will could go shopping in the many stores very trendy and fashionables and where you could eat some traditionnal food (I recommand you “The florence Finkelsztaj store”)

    – For the best Best BEST bagels in Paris you will must go to “Bagels & Brownies” n°12 street of ” Notre-Dame des Champs” in St Germain area. It’s next to the huge street of “Rennes” where there are your many favorite stores.

    – For a classy ” très très chic” shopping : go to “Franck &fils” ( there will be not full of tourist like the Galeries/ Printemps which are just stifling before christmas !

    – For a good friendly moment you can take a ride on the Ferris Wheel Place de la Concorde (this is not very expensive : 15 € / person)

    – and if you want to moove on a very chic parisian dance floor > go to L’ARC (

    Have a very nice trip in Paris, i hope you enjoy it !


  23. B.

    Oh my god, you are such a lucky girl! Christmas shopping in Paris … Can there be ANYTHING better? I hope you’ll make a lot of photos so the french big city christmas can come to my little town, too. :) xx

  24. mfk

    Hey mariannan, I am from Paris and i love to buy my christmas presents in: Saint Paul Le Marais,rue de Rivoli, les Champs Elysées or at les Galleries Lafayette and le Printemps, La defense is nice too and Citadium in Paris saint Lazare. Good shopping, and paris is wonderful. ;)

  25. Maria

    Wow! It`s a good idea to visit Paris! Bring us beautiful photos from there.
    I`m going to Paris at 28.12 to 04.01. If u find some beautiful cafes, please write us about it =)
    I want to wish u have a good holiday in Paris!

  26. Faustine

    I live in Paris, you must go to Abercrombie :D

  27. kimmy

    What do you need The Marauders Map for in Paris? :) I’m a total HP nerd, so I instantly recognized it on the third picture.. Can’t help it ;)
    Have a great time in Paris! xx

    • Anna

      To get to Beauxbatons of course! :D

  28. Louise

    I hope you have a lovely time! Do you realise you’ve used a picture of the marauders map from Harry Potter in your images above? xx

  29. Stephanie

    Hey Marianna,

    Paris is great for Christmas (for any time of the year actually). I live there, so do not hesitate to contact me if you want some Parisian tips that you can not find in Travel Guides :)

    Have a good day,


  30. Julia

    You have to visit Paris at night! That’s my biggest dream and it should be the best you can do there! :)

  31. Nastya

    I don’t really have tips for trip in paris, but enjoy!!! it sounds awesome to be there on christmass!!

  32. Zsú

    I love Paris! Try the Pierre Hermé macarons, they have many stores, one in Galleries Lafayette, and they sell the most amazing passion fruit-chocolate macaron! Have fun there! :)


  33. Johanna

    I was there last December and you really have to go to “Le Bistrot du 7eme” – it’s a lovely french Restaurant, where only french people go (so it must be good) and the food is so delicious!!! It’s near the station TourMaubourg, I think…
    Have fun on your trip!!
    By the way, I love your Blog!!

  34. Nathalie

    Oh you’re so lucky to go to Paris at this period of the year! December is the best month to go to Paris!

    I recommend you to go to the Galeries Lafayette. You’ll see there the most beautiful Christmas windows and decorations :) At the same time you can do your Christmas shopping there because there’s everything you’ll need!

    When I’m in Paris, I like to eat at the Cafe de la Paix, which is between the Place Vendôme and the Opera Garnier. Go check the pictures out on Google, it’s a very luxurious restaurant/brasserie where you can eat sandwiches, salads and other delicious things. Speaking about the Place Vendôme, go and see it! All the most luxurious jewelry brands are there (Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget,…) and of course the hotel Ritz, where I saw Naomi Campbell and her husband the last time I went there.

    Don’t forget to order a croissant or a pain au chocolat (the same with chocolate in it) in a bakery ;)

    Have a great stay in Paris! Can’t wait to see your pictures :)

  35. kris

    iih Pariisi! Suuntaan itsekin sinne huomenna, pitää yrittää muistaa ottaa parhaita paikkoja ylös :) Laduree Rue de Royalilla on ainakin pistäytymisen arvoinen, samoin Forever21 ja Champs Elyseen Abercrombie ja Sephora… Montmartren alueella on hyvällä säällä kiva kävellä ja kuvailla ja Moulin Rouge on myös käymisen arvoinen.

  36. Vicky | The Golden Bun

    Hey dear…
    I currently live in Paris and on my blog you can find some Paris tips especially for restaurants.


  37. Rula

    Hi Marianna!

    I am a huge fan of you and actually I do live in Paris :)

    You need to see Avenue Montaigne and Les galeries lafayette Haussman and also Printemps Haussman which are the biggest fashion store ever!

    It would be a dream come true to me if I could see you there, what do you think about a short meeting with some of your french followers in the most beautiful city of the world? ;) That would be such a great experience :)

    Much love, and tell me if you agree <3 it would be so amazing.

  38. Denise

    Oh wow, wish i could visit Paris as well in december..must be awesome to be there in pre-christmas time =)

    Love, Denise

  39. Eline

    I’m going there in February! Best view of Paris is NOT from the eiffel tower, but from tour montparnasse. I believe it’s free to go up there! ;) When I was there 2-3 years ago I also loved Jardin du Luxembourg. A very nice garden where Parisians come to relax. When I was there it was sunny, but maybe it’s also lovely in December!

  40. Rooosa

    Mä en oikein tiedä mitään pariisista, muutakun että olen kuullut että kaupunginosa 6 on niistä parhain… :D
    Olisi niin ihanaa päästä matkalle, pois Suomesta!

  41. Annie

    Woooow! You are so lucky!!! Can´t wait for photos from there!:-)

  42. Pri

    Well, Paris is always a very good ideia indeed. But you have the Marauders Map picture… are you planning to go to Hogwarts too, after Paris? ♥ Please, take me with you!

    xx from Brazil

  43. Patricia

    youre right paris is always a good idea.
    You have to go and ask parisian people,
    go into resturants they go and go out at night where they go too :)
    Thats the best part to see Paris from another point then a tourist :)

  44. Ela

    Such a beautiful photos!
    Paris is really a great city. :)

  45. Samira

    lovely photos!!!!

  46. aleksandra

    cute photos :)

  47. eline

    I think paris will look perfect in christmas time
    you’re very lucky!

  48. Diana

    I was in Paris last year, also before Christmas. I’m sure you will love it! We took elevator in Tour Eiffel in the evening. The view from above was so so beautiful ;) It’s totally worth it, although I advise you to definitely buy tickets online, you will skip the queue :)

  49. Monica

    A traveling tip is to just cherish the time you have in the beautiful city! Don’t rush around, take time to enjoy it all and breathe in the Parisian air. And drinks lots of lattes and eat lots of croissants! I can’t wait to see the Paris posts. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris.


  50. Maria

    Marianna! You should definetely try Laduree, Abercrombie at Les Champs Elysees (I think it is their best store), Montmatre and here you go a very different advice. There is this restaurant named Les Trois Maillets, you should make a reservation beforehand but it’s amazing because you start with a relaxed dinner in a definetely not beautiful place and suddenly one person starts singing opera for example until evereybody is up on the tables dancing and singing like crazy any famous song you can imagine! Its different from any other spectacle you can think about! Hope you enjoy your trip! Best wishesssss

  51. Anna

    Hey, Marianna! :) I’m happy for you that you’ll spend time in Paris! I’ve actually been in Paris for two weeks and stayed with a French family in Eaubonne (it’s near Paris, but i went to Paris every day). I have to say that it’s a perfect idea and Paris is especially wonderful at Christmas.. The atmosphere is fantastic all around the city. I recommend you to do shopping near Opera! I don’t exactly remember how to get there, but it’s somewhere in the city center! What about visiting Prague one day, hm? :)
    Hope that you’ll have an amazing time there! I’m waiting for you Paris-post and photos!

    Greetings from Prague <3

  52. Aleks

    I want to go to Paris so much… :( that’s one of my major dreams <3

    Greetings from Poland, M! :)

  53. Simone

    that’s great idea! :)

  54. neni

    what a great idea ! paris is so beautiful! Do you speak french? :)

  55. Justine

    Oh ! I live in Paris, I hope see you in a street or another place so ! :)

  56. Anonymous

    Uhh it looks great!!!!

  57. Louise

    Paris always sounds like a fab idea! I’d love to go there for Christmas, I can imagine it will look so magical, have a wonderful time!

    louisejoyb x

  58. alisa

    Sounds exciting :)

    You should really go on a boat Tour by night on the seine! It looks so beautiful and you see all the lights and attractions! Plus it’s not very expensive :)

  59. Daphné

    You should go to Angelica and get a hot chocolate :)

  60. Liz Tremaine

    Gosh, we will be at the same time in Paris. I’ll be in Paris from december 6 to december 9. And I need tips, it will be my first time in Paris.!! Gosh, I’m excited, you too? Paris is always a good choice or how you say it ”good idea”
    Nice maybe we will see us! :) xx

  61. Mel

    why there is a harry potter map on something about paris? hun,..

  62. Samantha

    Hello beautiful Marriannan, i actually live in Paris, in font of the gallery Lafayette and the Printemps! I want you to share some places, firts, metro Havre-Caumartin/St lazare is one of the best place for make shopping its there Pintemps, Gallery Lafayette and littles shops or basics! Second, i hope that you go in “St Paul le marais” its the BEST place of Paris, you have small street, a loooot of shopping chic or vintage, all you want and you have amaringggg restaurants coffe places (hotel de ville), after you avec the Street “Montaine” for luxe shopping, or Champs Elysées or for visit beautifuls places you have “champs de mars” or “trocadero” neer the Eiffel tower! and in winter you have some christmas market or ice rink everywhere in Paris or is there the Rivoli street who is perfect too !! For more informations you wan join me in twitter @samanthaamara facebook (is the best way) Samantha Amara or email or Instagram for look some picture of some places in Paris : Samanthaamr, kiss and your the best!

  63. Ann

    I don’t know if you plan on visiting or shopping but here are my tips anyway ;)
    Of course you can see the Eiffel ower if you haven’t already but I do not recommend the Louvre and Notre Dame for a short stay : the queues are long, it can be really crowded, and there are SO many other churches and museums worth of interest in Paris ;)

    I recommend the Opera Garnier, it’s gorgeous (and there are a lot of shops in the area, including department stores like Galleries Lafayettes and Printemps). And if you can, Versailles. It never fails to take my breath away, although the gardens are even more beautiful in the summer and in the fall.

    And if you’re craving a delicious hot chocolate, go to Angelina !

  64. Sola Lee

    Wow, so jealous! haha enjoy your holidays x

  65. nathalie.

    funny, me and my friends were planned to visit Paris on the same time as you, but unfortunately it ended up on plans… have a great trip! xoxo

  66. Tina

    Lucky you! I unfortunately do not live in Paris, but I’ve been there a few times. It’s my favorite city :)
    If you are interested in art, especially in impressionist and their followers, you should definitely visit Musee d’Orsay. It’s an old train station turned into one of the best museums i’ve ever seen. They hold a big collection of Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Lautrec, Van Gogh and many others :)
    For shopping you should get lost in the streets of Marais and Saint Germains, where you will find a lot of cute “unknown” boutiques. Visit Galleries Lafayette or Printemps if you would like to get all international brands in one place.
    I don’t know for any great restaurants, because I always spend all my money on new clothes, but if you like sweets you should visit Laduree for the best macaroons and Berthilion on Ile Saint Louis for the best ice cream (i know it’s going to be a bit cold for that, but it is an unforgettable experience)

    I hope it helps and enjoy every minute of your trip! :)

  67. Ariana

    Hey Mariannan,
    Ive been to Paris last month and it is such an incredible city :)
    If you havent visit the Louvre yet GO THERE! They modernized the entrance area and the ticktes sale system. You are in there in at most 10 minutes. Needless to say how impressing the Louvre is and that you should have been there once in your life :)
    For shopping: Les Halles. Its the name of the tram station as well so its pretty easy to find. Its a belowground shopping centre with shops as zara, hm, new look, mango, comptoir des cotonniers, princesse tam tam, etam (great lingerie!), womens secret, bershka, …
    I’m sure you will have a great time there! :)

  68. Pauline de SoGlam !!

    Its my country, welcome Marianna, i hop you publish lots of picture of here =)

  69. Lafond Charlotte

    You must go to Shakespeare and Co, it’s soooo beautiful & romantic ! You can’t shop there, except books, but it’s really a place to see, it’s really beautiful, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s near Notre Dame.
    Also, I love to go to Le Marais, and it’s THE perfect district to shop at every prices ! There is a lot of restaurants of every types, thrift shops, luxury shops… Etc. I hope it can help you a little bit :)

    (And I loooove your blog ♥)


  70. milena

    Pariisi on aina yhtä ihana. Voin vaan kuvitella miten satumaiselta se näyttää joluvaloineen <3

    Miten muuten, olisiko mahdollista kuulla sun opiskelusuunnitelmista joskus? =) Kun postailit joskus aiheesta, niin kiinnostaisi kovasti että mihin päädyit vai oletko vielä päätynyt mihinkään.

  71. Anonymous

    Paris of dreams.

    • Enni

      ;) Definitely!

  72. Anonymous

    Good idea

  73. Vivi

    Paris is beautiful and Paris around Christmas time even more! You can buy so many cute things at the christmas market there :)

  74. Anonymous

    im going to paris around that time too:) but i ve been there 2 months ago so i wont be doing much of sight seeing.

    theres an exhibition in musee d’orsay on “impressionism and fashion” , i think you should def check it out. should be interesting

    they say for clubbing/partying a place called “ball room” is nice. havent been there yet but thats on my to-discover list.

    oh for lovely cupcakes go to “Berko” which is located on 23 rue rambuteau. they re absolutelyyy amazing!

    and of course enjoy!!!

    if you d like to ask anything in particular you can always send me a msg. i know quite a bit about paris:)

  75. Camille

    Paris is always a good idea YES ! I don’t say it because this is where I was born but Paris is really magical. I am going to spend Christmast holiday there. Hope you gonna have a good time :D

  76. Renkiss

    Hi Marianna.

    If I could recommend any city, so it is definitely Prague.
    At Christmas is beautiful.
    Prague is full of sights and shopping centers.
    I think you’ll love it.

    If you decide to come to Prague, so please let me know.
    It would be an honor for me to meet with my model in fashion and my beloved blogger.


    Btw. I LOVE PARIS!! Amazing city!! :)

  77. Francois Bresmal

    I won’t say I envy you cause I go there 3 or 4 times a year so this is enough to keep the magic :D Eiffel tower, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Place Vendôme, Ladurée, Parc des Tuileries, Jardins du Luxembourg are my favorite places ♥♥ Love your blooooog, kisses from Belgium!

  78. Maria

    Buen viaje !!

  79. martina

    Lucky! But the third picture isn’t a map of Paris, it’s the Marauder’s map… Why is that included in the set? Lol

  80. Kathrin

    best Burger Restaurant in Paris is RAZOWSKI 38 Place du marche st honore 75001 paris. love it so much. :)
    whnever you are in Paris, Paris will be always lovely. :)


  81. ioana

    That`s awesome!!

  82. Tiia

    ei liity mitenkään tähän postaukseen, mutta oisin kiinnostunu että millon selviää se pinkin konsertin lippuja koskeva arvonta? vai onko jo selvinny, että oon vaan missannu tiedon… :)

    • marianna

      Arvonnan voitti Minna :)

  83. Anaelle

    Why there is a picture of the Marauder’s map ? (in Harry Potter)

    I love your blog by the way, you are really beautiful :)


  84. anon

    I’m going to Paris this christmas!! Can’t wait, you’ll have a lovely time :) x

  85. Anja

    Les Halles Shopping Center. The Metro station is “Les Halles”. :)

  86. Fabienne

    definitely go to a christmas market! There are really gret ones. for example this one:
    Marché Saint Germain

    Place Saint-Germain des Prés 75006 6ème Arrondissement Paris, Paris, France

    There are some more near Saint-Sulpice church.
    Have a good time and enjoy the great spirit of Christmas in Paris, its beautieful!

  87. sarah

    You defenitly have to take le bateau mouche for a tour at night, it is just magical !! i take it everytime i go to paris

  88. Anonymous

    i’m sooooooo jealous, reaaally!
    i went to paris before christmas 3 years ago and it was amazing.
    i dont have that much tips for you, i’m sorry.. but i think the most important thing to do is to sit in a cafe and just sit there and enjoy the french atmosphere!
    have fun over there! xx

  89. Marlin

    There are wonderful tips in the book: “Parisian Chic. A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange.” It’s all in all a perfect literature!!

  90. Aileaudye

    I live in France and I’ve never been to Paris… I wish you a wonderful trip there! ♥
    Xox – Aileaudye

  91. Thea Kristine

    Have fun!! Can’t wait for the pics :)

    xx, T

  92. Apolline

    I never let any comment here, but I read your blog since many time.
    I am Parisian so here some of my favorite address in Paris (as I am a Parisian, they are not really touristic and a bit far from the famous monument).
    For the best hamburger ever : Blend hamburger : 44, rue d’argout 75002 Paris,
    A really nice concept store : MERCI 111, boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
    A great healthy brunch ; Nanashi 57, rue Charlot 75003 Paris
    A nice “crêperie” (100% French food) Breizh Café 109 rue vieille du temple 75003
    I love all this street : rue vieille du temple : there is a lot of nice restaurant and nice shops. In this street, “Glou” is a cool wine bar
    Le marché des enfants rouges is a parisian place just to have a look : 75003.
    A wonderful jellewery : Monsieur 53 rue Charlot 75003 : everything is handmade.
    And finally you need to walk in “rue Montorgueil 75003″ : so parisian :-)
    I hope it can help you to enjoy your trip :-)
    Congrats for your blog !

  93. marianna

    Thank you all so much for these tips, I appreciate it! <3 I really needed these, perfect!! :-)

  94. Karine

    Sent you an email yesterday but as I was reading again the post I realized… WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT A PHOTO OF THE MARAUDER’S MAP? Haha just wanted to ask because that made me laugh sooo much!

    (Yes I am a real, crazy Harry Potter fan.)

  95. Julia

    I am a German living in Paris since 3 months and I can give you a lot of tips.
    So, when it comes to shopping you should definitely go to the Galeries Lafayette and to the Printemps (both métro Chaussé d’Antin/Lafayette) and you should also visit the Champs-Élysées and the Rue Rivoli. If you’re planning to buy jewellry, you should also visit “Anouki” and “Diwali” in the Rue de la Huchette, Quartier Latin (métro St Michel). For colorful everyday stuff, like toasters or bottle-openers try “Pylones” in the Rue St. Louis en l’île, Ile St Louis (métro Cité).
    For eating I can highly recommend you the “Ralph Lauren Restaurant” on the Boulevard St. Germain dés Près, if you like Hamburgers. But you should avoid eating Pizza here… they are really horrible. Anyway, you’ll find “Paul’s” everywhere where you can buy Croque monsieurs, Quiches Lorraines or croissants.
    Going out: a little retro but still adorable is the “Les Pick Clops” in the quarter Marais (16 rue Veille du Temple, métro Saint Paul or Hôtel de Ville). Or you can go and try the “Pixel Bar” where you can create your own cocktail (10 rue Dauphine, métro Odéon).
    And here some fashion-culture: exposition of Turkish artists in the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs-Élysées (métro Charles de Gaulle Étoile), Chloé exposition in the Palais de Tokyo (métro Iéna or Alma-Marceau).
    Hope you’ll have a lovely stay in my new hometown :)

  96. Céline

    Paris is WONDERFULL and i’m not saying this only because i’m French :D

  97. Anonymous

    I’m from France, and know Paris, if u need some good advices, adress, … send me a mail :)
    Love ur blog, ur tastes, and ur flat make me dream ! ;) thanks !

  98. Sarah

    Hope you have a great time!

  99. Anonymous

    MONTMARTRE is always a good idea ;)

  100. justine

    Hi! I live close to Paris and I can say to you it’s amazing! I went it all years too for a week before christmas and it’s just magic! Champs Elysées are beautiful, the avenue Montaigne too.. Champs de Mars is THE thing not to be missed for see the Eiffel Tower to shine the night.. And the Pont Des Invalides .. ;)
    Bon voyage en France :)

  101. Galia M

    Paris is such a dream!!!

  102. marcsi

    that map in the picture is marauder’s map from harry potter.

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