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  1. Photoshoot in Oslo
  2. Lunch break: caesar salad
  3. Going back home
  4. Some outfit’s details
  1. Kuvaukset Oslossa
  2. Caesar-salaatti lounastauolla
  3. Ja takaisin kotiin!
  4. Jonkun päivän asu-yksityiskohtia. Istuin oikeasti vain tylsistyneenä ratikassa.
  1. One Saturday night, me and Eva having a girls night out
  2. Curls are getting better and better!
  3. After a weekend of partying relaxing at my old home with Nessu
  4. Cleaning my makeup brushes
  1. Eräs lauantai-ilta Evan kanssa. Oli superhauskaa! Pitkän illan ja seikkailujen jälkeen vielä mäkkärin kautta takaisin mun luo (terkut suloiselle lukijalle kassalla!! En ollut ehkä skarpeimmillani :))
  2. Lepäilyä ja voimienkeräilyä Nessun kanssa
  3. Meikkisiveltimet taas puhtaina!
  1. Cin cin
  2. :-O
  3. Going to Tampere by train for the Costume party. It was really fun! Next post will be about this.
  4. New candle vase from Ikea
  1. Kipppis
  2. Junassa matkalla Tampereen Costume partyihin. Juhlista postailen seuraavaksi!
  3. Viime Ikea reissulta uusi kynttilälyhty
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  1. Aniia

    What a bummer I cannot see your pictures when I am checking your blog out at my work! Some strange security restrictions from my employer ;) Fortunatelly my phone is able to show me all your lovely pics. By the way, I liked your new flat interior. I am gathering decorating ideas myself right now as I plan to do a major redo of my apartment in the next few months ( contarctors scheduled for March). I liked your windows especially and those light curtains you had, it made the rooms so light and feathery, definitely a thing I would copy :))))

  2. Anastasia

    Great photos!
    And we can see your photos from the photoshoot in Oslo? ♥

  3. Ksenia

    Wonderful photos!:)

  4. aleks

    Nice shots ♥

  5. Faany

    Oh beautiful photos ! :D

  6. TugbaHearts

    Your hair looks awesome and Nessu is so cute ! Very amusing pictures :) xx

  7. Pauline

    Nice pictures :)

  8. Noush

    Great pics !

  9. Nastya

    What a beauty!:)

  10. Charlotte

    Superleuk om allemaal te zien<3

  11. Thea Kristine

    Lovely photos :-) You’re so beautiful!!

  12. Lola / sädehtien

    Ihana toi sun kello, saanko kysyä mikä merkki on kyseessä? Hih mä olen mestari puhumaan aiheen vierestä, mutta osaatko sanoa, saako Marc by Marc Jacobsin kelloja Suomesta? Ne on niin kauniita, mutta niitä en ole löytänyt kuin netistä ;)

  13. Stella

    Show us some more photos from the photoshoot!
    I like your watch.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  14. Anonymous

    Love these photos :D

  15. Annie

    I love your instagram photos!!!

  16. Anonymous

    U have soooo beautifull hair ^^

  17. Aleks

    aww, I can’t wait to see your photoshoot! :)

  18. Dorota

    Great photos! I love your new candle vase :)

  19. Anonymous

    love your hair !!

  20. Melissa

    You’re so lucky to have such an amazing life!

    Please help me build up my blog too by following and visiting

    Your help is appreciated :)

  21. aleksandra

    cute photos <3

  22. Monica

    It looks like you had quite the eventful week!
    Your curls are looking good and that watch is lovely :)

  23. Paulina

    fabulous pics :)

  24. Alina

    Hope we’ll see pictures from the photoshoot in Oslo soon!

    • marianna

      Yes, hopefully on Wednesday! :)

  25. Sheldon

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  26. Anonymous

    new post to tampere !!! love your blog

  27. lll

    AHAHAHA mun kaverin auto :DDD Mikä sattuma :DD

    • marianna

      Eikä !! :D Hahah, loistorekkari!

  28. Chantelle

    You are so adorable! I can’t wait to see the post on the Costume party/event.

  29. lena

    Love these photos!<3

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