costume party @ tampere


Costume Party in Tampere was a lot of fun! I was in a hurry while getting dressed etc, but I was happy with the outfit I ended up wearing: a sparkly dress from Vila with a statement bracelet. In the train I also painted my nails with my favorite red nail polish, sorry you guys who had to sit next to me..

Viime viikkoiset Tampereen Costume partyt menivät loistavasti! Kotona tuli vähän hoppu valmistautuessa, mutta ihan tyytyväinen olin asuun johon kiireessä päädyin: Vilan kimalteleva mekko ja statement-käsikoru. Junassa lakkailin vielä kynnet punaisiksi, sori vain kanssamatkustajat…

tampere1 tampere2

Decorating the party glasses

Juhlalasien koristelua 

tampere4 tampere5

Satellite Stories performing

Satellite Stories esiintymässä


Again a styling competition by Vero Moda

Vero Modan stailauskisa

Thank you for the party, Costume! It was so nice to chat with my blog readers and with Costume’s readers, lovely people!! X

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  1. Thea Kristine

    Lovely pics :-) Looks like you had a great time!


  2. nanna

    ihanan asun oot kehitelly ! sopii tosi hyvin juhlan teemaan :))

  3. Noush

    Greats pics I hope you had a good time :)

  4. Seaweeskisses

    Your dress is beautiful!! Where’s the bracelet from? I like the style of it.

  5. Anna im Wunderland

    Sounds like a superfun event and you looked amazing!

  6. Dorota

    beautiful dress <3

  7. TugbaHearts

    I’m in love with this dress! and I also want to have such a party glass they are so cute! :D ♥

  8. Diamacra

    Great pics&awesome dress!

  9. Rebecca

    It looks like you had a great time at the Costume party. I really like your outfit. I’m looking for a dress just like yours for this years silvester party. I hope I’ll find one soon :) xx

  10. Katy

    What a beautiful dress x

  11. Cissy

    where can I find this beautiful dress? is it a current purchase? xo

  12. nea

    koska se kysymys vastaus postaus tulee? siitä on jo aika kauan!

  13. Yukarii

    So cute!!!

  14. Twins

    so stunning!!

  15. Emily

    beautiful pictures!! i love your dress and party glasses!!
    I’m having my very first Giveaway on my blog, you can visit it if you wish!


  16. A.

    Ihana asu sulla! :-)
    ootko muuten miettinyt laittaa itsestäs meikittömän kuvan tänne blogiin, kun oletkin varmaan jo kuullut miten joku bloggaaja aloitti tuon ja haastoi muut samaan?

  17. mariana


  18. Natashke

    Wow. You have amazing dress and this party must be good!!!

  19. eline

    looove the dress!
    so pretty

  20. Justine

    Your dress is amazing ! Where did you get it ?
    Love your blog !!

  21. aleksandra

    cute dress<3

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