thursday night

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Cute PJ’s, clean sheets, fresh flowers, candles, candies and a movie… What more could I wish for? I’m addicted to having these cozy nights just by myself, this is the best way to end a day. It’s so cold, dark and rainy outside. I wish there would be snow at least.
Btw, thank you for the comments in the last post! Reading them brought a big smile on my face, so great to have your support. I really couldn’t wish for better readers. Have a lovely evening everyone!

Söpö yökkäri, puhtaat lakanat, tuoreet kukat, kynttilät, leffaa ja herkkuja… Mitä muuta voisikaan toivoa! En kestäisi tota ulkona vallitsevaa pimeyttä ilman kotona fiilistelyä ja kynttilöitä. Tulisipa edes lunta!
Kiitos muuten vielä viime postauksen kommenteista, niin ihania. :> Kivointa torstai-iltaa teille!

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  1. Thea Kristine

    You’re SO beautiful! Lovely pics :-))

  2. Peaches

    It seems like a perfect evening, enjoy it! :-)

  3. Ruki

    I was wondering why most of the bloggers usually don’t show off their pyjamas or other night wear. Maybe it is too personal. I am happy you did, because it really looks causy and awesome :).

    Best wishes from Germany


  4. Dorota

    I love your pictures! Great way to spend free time. I wish I don’t have to study right now … and have evening like you :)

  5. Magdalena

    Yes, that’s the one of the best ways to spend evenings. With a cup of tea, comfortable bed, bowl with sweets (or somethnig healthy :P), movie and cozy room. Who don’t like this? None!
    Pretty PJ, where did you bought it?

  6. Twins

    so great pics! love it!

  7. Asta

    Love the pictures! :)

  8. saris

    Where did you buy the sleepwear and the

    • marianna

      It’s from H&M, both the top and shorts set and the robe :)

      • Anonymous

        Is it still in the shops?

  9. mypuppetmodel

    You are so pretty and Your photos are so amazing! I wish You nice thursday night ^___^

  10. Lauren

    I love these photos!

  11. Elisa

    luv the sheets and the pjs (; <3

  12. Veronika

    Great photos and you’ve got nice PJ’s. :)

  13. Meryl

    Great photos ! I’m curious, who is taking your photos ?

    • marianna

      These are self timer shots ;) But outfit pictures usually my friends or family. Thank you!


  14. Salli

    Ihania kuvia, leffaillat on parhaita..

    Hei, ootko aatellut osallistua siihen Naked Truth juttuun=)?

    • marianna

      Kiitos, ja niinpä :) Joo mun on pitänytkin tohon haasteeseen osallistua, veikkaanpa että toteutan viikonloppuna tai alkuviikosta!

  15. Lea

    Just posted about a day just like this myself, you can’t beat it <3

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life –

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  16. Caroline

    this is the mirror image of what my favourite night entails. Love the pj’s they look so cute! Where did you get them from?

  17. Noush

    Great pics ! Have a good evening :D

  18. marcella

    awesome pics

  19. Emma

    You’re so pretty! And your description of the perfect night/evening is exactly what mine would be like. :)

  20. nanna

    ihana fiilis näis kuvis :-)

  21. Vivi

    is the robe still in stores?? :)

  22. Emilia

    Ihania kuvia, lämmin tunnelma välittyy Raaheen asti! Taidanpas itsekkin poistua koneelta nautiskelemaan illasta ^^

  23. Wiktoria

    You are beautiful!
    I like your blog :)

  24. yarden

    beautiful pics!

  25. eline

    you’re really good at taking picture’s
    they are really pretty
    i love those nights to

  26. milena

    Miten söötti pyjama ja sinä <3 tulee ihan mieleen carrie sinkkuelämästä, jotenkin.. :)

  27. Laura

    those back photos are just so wa-wa-woom :))
    and I know what you mean – there is never enough quality time with yourself :)

  28. Diana

    your home is so cute and sweet) love decorations)

  29. Samira

    I love your bed!!!

  30. Tatjana

    It’s not surprising that you feel comfortable in your apartment…. it is beautiful! :) Furthermore I think that it is really important to take time for oneself to calm down.

  31. Anonymous

    Seems like perfect evening :)

  32. Anonymous

    you ar sooo sexiiiii:D

  33. lenka

    Wish you a happy and cozy evening! I know what you’re talking about, every now and then we all deserve evenings like this! xx

  34. Liz Tremaine

    Oh it’s so comfortable. I love these evenings when you come down, have a cup of tea a good book or one of your favorite series, some sweets and just your bed :)

  35. Mani

    I love your PJs! They’re so pretty

  36. ruth

    Love your PJs they are so cute
    and believe me nothing sounds better then cozy nights in during the winter
    that’s practically my weekends

    lovey photos


  37. Tien

    Did you just say you wished for snow?! Eeeek I’m not ready for it to start snowing yet – It’ll be so cold and snow sticks around forever!

    Love the cosy pictures – esp the bowl of yummies and wine.

    Tien xo

  38. Courtney Janet

    Wonderful pictures as always. Made me want to cuddle up in cute pjs and have a nice glass of wine
    Your place is beautiful!!

    take care

  39. martina

    the best blog ever! ♥

  40. Me

    I love your blog! Is there any interesting blogs you are reading, so I could read them too?

  41. Noora

    Voi miten ihania kuvia, niin kiva tunnelma! :) Ja tosi kaunis toi aamutakki :)

  42. Huyen

    beautiful pictures!

  43. Emily

    Great photos! Last night was quite the same for me too, a glass of wine, chocolate, a burning candle and me watching my favorite series!

  44. Faany

    Very cocooning this photo ! I love :)

  45. Melina

    hey! i really LOVE the lamp on the 3rd picture! Can you please tell me where you bought it?

  46. Diana

    lovely photos, greetings from Lithuania ;)

  47. Anke

    I just love this post. I need a lot of time for myself as well and love spending my evenings like that.
    You are so beautiful and it is really cool that you re posting something about sleepwear.
    You are my absolute favorite blogger of all time :DD

    Greetings and best wishes from Germany



  48. Mona

    This is so perfect!

  49. aleksandra

    great photos :)

  50. Daisy

    Your home is just so gorgeous! xo

  51. Pouvreau

    I am really in love with all!! The photos, the feeling and the cosy but sexy clothes!!
    Still make me dream!

  52. Teacups&Dresses by Rosie von Waldherr

    I really like how you managed to take the pictures of you in a very classy way! Even though it is a revealing outfit, I think you showed it very well, just like a lady would! In an era where girls seem to think that being “cheap” or “slutty” is what will make you pretty, it is very nice to see someone doing it the right, classy and ladylike way! Keep the good work Marianna!

    Your house is just gorgeous!


    • marianna

      So sweet, thank you! I get such a mood boost by reading these comments :)


    • marianna

      Oh you’re too sweet :) I’m anything but perfect!

  53. Zara

    Hei Marianna,

    Näytät varsin pienikokoiselta, joten minulla olisi sinulle kysymys :) Mistä liikkeistä ostat vaatteitasi? Olen itse 162cm pitkä ja hoikka ja on erityisen vaikeaa löytää sopivan kokoisia paitoja vaateliikkeistä..

    • marianna

      Moi! Aika pienikokoinen yläkropaltani kyllä oon, mutta melkeinpä aina löytyy hyvä koko! Ostan vaatteita vähän kaikkialta, esim Zara, Mango, H&M… Tykkään väljistä yläosista, mikä ehkä sekin auttaa :)

  54. Magda from Poland

    I LOooVE your blog and your style! regards from Poland! We wand more posts!! Magda.

    • marianna

      Oh wow, thank you lovely! :)


  55. Aleksandra

    You’re beautiful! :) this pictures are amazing.. I can almost feel how cosy these nights are :D

  56. Christy

    You have the prettiest photos! :) xx

  57. Chantelle

    Oh man, those are my favourite nights as well. Especially if I do some light stretching beforehand, and I’m all relaxed and cuddled up on the couch with hot chocolate. *le sigh*

    • marianna

      I love that too, that’s just perfect!


  58. Caroline

    beautiful pictures :):) I love your blog !!!

  59. Alina

    cozy, huh? I can honestly say you look very sexy on these pictures!

  60. marsq

    Voi mitä kuvia, ihana tunnelma <3

  61. Mandy

    I love those cozy evenings, too.

  62. Rebecca

    These pictures are so beautiful. Now I’m so looking forward to an evening like this in my new appartment. I really need that :) xx

  63. Charlotte

    Sounds like the perfect night in! :D X

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