christmas wishes


1. A patterned sweater
2. Beauty products, for example something really good smelling from Philosophy
3. Chocolate. Milk or white or hazelnut!
4. Diptyque scented candle
5. Jewelry, like this Marc Jacobs bracelet
6. Some decoration for home. Love these air freshener sticks by Zara Home
7. Miu Miu wallet

Just dreaming… I’ve planned to help santa and buy some of these when I’m in Paris ;) Leaving there already next Saturday!
Do you have some material christmas wishes this year?

1. Jokin söpö kuvioneule
2. Kauneudenhoitojuttuja, esim Philosophyltä jotain herkullisen tuoksuista
3. Suklaata
4. Diptyquen tuoksukynttilä
5. Koruja, esim tämä Marc Jacobsin rannekoru
6. Kotiin jotain koristusta. Nämä tuoksutikut (?) olisivat ihanat!
7. Miu Miun lompakko

Olen vähän suunnitellut ostavani joitakin näistä Pariisin reissulla! Lauantaina jo lähtö, jeess!! Säästyy joulupukinkin lompakko.
Mites teidän lahjatoiveet, onko jotain jo mielessä? 

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  1. Anonymous

    lovely sweater <3

  2. Elodie

    want to see a wonderful place ? go to Le Bon Marché :) Sevres-Babylone station, line 10

    Have a nice and safe trip here :) and don’t forget to go the christmas market on the champs élysées ;-)

  3. dissie

    love love love!

  4. zimt

    Hej, I think you already now this, but just to be sure;
    there is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Store in Paris, 19 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré.
    This place is amazing.

  5. noush

    I want patterned sweater too :) the new lauren Conrad’s book and a new TV !

  6. Roxanna

    chocolateeee<3 I want something patterned too, but jeans <3

  7. Tien

    I love Christmas jumpers – the daggy-er the better! I just posted about the ones I found in London :)

    I love Diptique candles – you must definitely stock up in Paris – Baies is my favourite fragrance

    Tien xo

  8. Anonymous

    too bad you don’t care about twitter anymore :(

  9. eleonora

    I love this sweater! <3

  10. Kelcey Olson

    Last year my little brother got me the peppermint bark scented body wash from Philosophy and it is AMAZING. Any holiday scented things are simply wonderful!

  11. Emily

    Love the Zara Home air freshner sticks! Wish we had Zara here in the US!

  12. Chantelle

    Umm the Miu Miu wallet is delish!

  13. Rebecca Lauren

    I have been reading you (your blog) for YEARS AND YEARS! Sometimes it’s the only thing that kept me sane and does keep me sane on … In my opinion, for some reason I feel like you’ll end up in NYC or I see you visiting there often. I lived there for a year after high school to act and model. Both were great! On my Face Book under the album called “It’s Whatever”, has SOME of my modeling photos. I wish I could have continued with that BUT OH WELL… HEY HEY HEY I’m not bragging just proof I’m not some loon , which I would imagine you get being gorgeous, young, an d famous!
    I’m VERY envious of the snow photos. I am from the South in The United States of America. We have NO snow here! Virginia is where my father lives, so that’s where I go Fox Hunting in the winter time! Don’t know why I included that but oh well .
    I grew my hair out like yours! I want to make a really long braid. :D
    On July 7th, 2008, I went to the eye doctor with my Mum (yes I know… what you’re thinking “Don’t people only in U.K. say Mum or maybe you’re not saying that) My Mum could tell by LOOKING at me SOMETHING was wrong, turns out I had a J.P.A. which is a juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma brain tumor located on my brain stem and they had to operated going directly through my cerebellum ( CENTER OF EVERYTHING).The tumor grew for eight years, I would take 5 Exderine Migraine to work and go to school. Headache killers are The Exderine Migraine are headache killers, you’re suppose to take two… My brain had crawled down my spine and opened my skull where a baby’s soft spot is when the baby is first born. During the grown of the brain tumor there was swelling inside my skull.. so I had two bed side ventriculostomys to release the fluids on my brain!
    On the outside the tumor completely destroyed me, and on the inside I was a regular girl. As you know turning 21 is HUGE, as a social girl, you know. I spent it in the hospital fighting, with the brain tumor/stomach issues ,and coma! :/!
    After my brain tumor, the doctors induced me into a semi-coma. Or a coma… Then, I couldn’t go to the rest-room for five weeks so I ended up with four surgeries on my stomach had a bunch of stomach tubes then.. You aren’t supposed to throw them up…but I managed too…twice. A girl in a coma throwing up those tubes! So I was away from my home July to January first.
    The tumor left me without 175% of my vision. You have 100% per eye, hopefully two eyes and I lost 100% in my left eye and about 75% in the other. I use my upper outer corner of my right eye to see.I don’t look at things in a weird way just sometimes. EYE (I know it’s– a lame joke but I HAD TO SAY ITTT) wanted to appear “normal”. The tumor left me with a cocked blind eye and my right eye messed up REALLY badly. I had surgeries to , yes , to look “normal” The tumor also took away my voice and my walking. I can speak normally(SO slowly), I won’t be able to sing again. That’s a HUGE bummer. I’m also left in a wheelchair. I’m going to walk again, it just may take awhile. In between the therapies, I read your blog! Thank you God above for YOU and your blog, I would read it in between dentist appointments too because I knocked my front teeth out, like falling out of the wheelchair or falling from trying to relearn to walk. I was VERY ATTRACTIVE then! One eye blind . cocked, and closed and no front teeth! Many surgeries since then, too. Oh boy,lots! Also a speaking voice that is very, very quite and slower, and no driving EVER.I type so slowly now… it’s kinda of ridiculous, no running, real off smell, no taste, shaking from ataxia (that is going away really quick, after almost five years. They’re just easier to list.)
    This is a “fan letter” I guess. AH ha Just I wanted to say Thank you and thank you for blogging! You’ve really have kept me going… For ALL the times I have to myself, between different therapies and what have you, I really do look forward to reading your blog!
    What’s on my Christmas wish List? AHHA your collection!

  14. nanna

    tosi kivoja toiveita, toivottavasti saat mitä toivot :-)

  15. Patricia

    I love the freshner, and the sweater :)

  16. Paulina

    It’s so wonderful that you post so often now! <3 For christmas I would like to get a ticket for concert of 30 seconds to mars, perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Starbucks cup!
    Can't wait to see post from Paris! This is my dream to go there!

    • marianna

      Lovely to hear! Thank you for the comment, those are some nice wishes! <3

  17. hannah alehandra

    Love the idea of receiving a candle, too. We can all do with something relaxing that smells nice for the home, no?
    I want shoes shoes shoes for christmas. Preferably Alexander Wang with the insert cut out at the heel, love those shoes.
    Hope you are well, Marianna.

    Much love, your follower in England.
    Hannah Alehandra

  18. Lydia

    Dear Marianna,
    I’m sooo in love with your collection for Bik Bok!
    I would love to order some clothes, unfortunately they do not supply to Germany :(

    How else can I get your collection?

    Much love from your Essen (Germany – NRW)

    • marianna

      Thank you Lydia, so nice to hear that!:)
      Oh that’s just too bad, Bik Bok’s online shop is only shipping to Norway and Sweden at the moment, and my collection is sold in shops only in Norway, Sweden and Finland. So sorry:/ But I’ll tell forward the wish to make an international online shop.

  19. Nina

    On my Christmas list :
    1. Personalized pink calendar for 2013 from Lilou (they also have store in Paris :D)
    2. YSL lipstick
    3. New make up brushes
    4. Michael Kors golden bangle
    5. Voucher for SPA

    Yesterday I also bought a winter pattern sweater and I love that! ;D

  20. elina

    Hih, “suosittelen” tuota MBMJ:n rannekorua! :) Ostin omani reilu vuosi sitten Cottonilta ja se on ollut sen jälkeen lähes päivittäin ranteessa. Ihanan kevyt ja huomaamaton, mutta silti näyttävä :)

    • marianna

      Aiijai pahensit mun rannekorukuumetta… Kuulostaa ihanalta, ja jos kestäisi hyvin päivittäistäkin käyttöä kulumatta/värjäytymättä niin olisi mulle täydellinen! :)

  21. Rebecca

    Paris in christmas time … I’m still jealous. I think you’ll find many wonderful pieces there to buy yourself for christmas.
    On my wishlist there is mostly new decoration and furniture for my new appartment. I’m very excited about how it will look like after christmas :) xx

  22. טבעת נחש

    chocolate is whole year wish..but the dark one!

  23. Anonymous

    Aivan ihania juttuja <3 ja hyvää matkaa pariisiin

  24. heih!

    Aiotko osallistua Naked Truth:iin? :)
    Mukavaa matkaa!

    • marianna

      Aion!! Vähän myöhässä olen, mutta mutta aion silti :)

  25. .


  26. aleksandra

    Miu Miu wallet <3

  27. Alya

    Your wishlist is just perfect, I love every single item :)

  28. Eerika

    Mullapas on toi miu miun kukkaro valkosena:) keh keh;) mut oot Hei tosi nätti js haluun sun elämän! Se on ku eläis jtn ihanaa unelmaa !

  29. Mychelly

    Posted on Do you people have a faobeock fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

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