Posted Tuesday December 4 2012 by marianna

bik bok by marianna – the accessories




Jeweled box clutch with gold chain, so you can carry it either on your shoulder or like a clutch on your hand


Spike bracelet (I’m using this with almost everything) and leather wristlet with skull, spike and infinity symbols



Tiny rings, in gold and silver.



Alive necklace


Diamond bracelet (comes along with the spiked one)



Tiny necklaces, in rose gold, gold and silver



Statement necklace


What’s your favorite? :)

Löytyykö teiltä näistä jotain suosikkia?

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  1. milena says:

    Tosi kivoja jokainen, erityisesti sytytti nuo pikkuiset sormukset ja kaulakorut, niin symppiksiä (sinäänsä huomaamattomia, mutta merkittäviä) <3 Oot kyllä hienon malliston suunnitellu, ainoo mikä mua huolettaa noissa koruissa, on niiden laatu.. Kuluukohan metalliväri ihan hetkessä pois? :(

  2. Anna Elisabeth says:

    The leather bracelet has to be my favourite! I’m afraid there won’t be any left when I go to Norway in January… :D It’s a beautiful collection, well done, Marianna!

    Wishing you all the best,

  3. Nina says:

    It’s all so cute! And so You Marianna :) !
    My favorite is spike and diamond bracelet <3

    And I'm so proud of you, really, you're the best. Thank you for writing much often! :)
    PS. I know I'm grumbling but when can I hope for make-up tutorial post?:D

  4. Elina says:

    Sormukset ei ihan mun makuun ollu mutta kaikki muut voisin ostaa ja osan noista rannekoruista taidan käydäkin ostamassa :) katoin ensin että wau ootpas täydellisen kellon suunnitellu, mutta se olikin korsin :D

  5. Evi says:

    OOoh my god I’m in LOVE with the ALIVE necklace and the tiny rings and necklaces… Please tell me we can order them and that they ship to Belgium?! :D

    x Evi

  6. Marta says:

    Wow i absolutely adore all the necklaces and rings. So difficult to pick just one, i’d get the entire collection! I just wished we could get BIK BOK here in Spain… Great job Marianna!

  7. Elisa says:

    Oi kyllä Marianna♥ oi kyllä! KAIKKI!

    Ostin viime vklp Kuopion bik bokista neuleen,noi kultaset sormukset,käsikorun ja täydellisen neuleen ! vitsi et rakastan niitä!!!!<3 kiitti et loit ne:)♥♥

  8. Camille says:

    OMG the leather one with the infinity symbol !
    Everything is so beautiful, I could buy everything.
    Why do i live in France ?? It’s beautiful Marianna :) Bravo !

  9. Mam says:

    Eikös Lindexillä ollut jossain vaiheessa tollainen ihan samanlainen kultainen niittirannekoru myynnissä? :D Muistan kun meinasin ostaa sen.

  10. Anastasia says:

    Mariannan, everything is sooo amazing! I wish I could buy it in Estonia. Would is it possible to buy it online?? I dream about every single item from your collection

  11. Salla says:

    Tuo kultainen laukku on aivan sairaan hieno, sitä on kyllä pakko miettiä jo kunnolla! Aivan ihana. Rannekorutkin upposi kaikki, sulla on kyllä hyvä mallisto! Eikä siis pelkästään asusteiden suhteen, muun muassa ne punaiset housut oli siistit! Kunpa niitä vain itse uskaltaisi käyttää…

  12. Hülli says:

    Hey marianna,

    Please tell me where I can buy your stuff, I am from germany, but bik bok does not ship to other countries than norway and finnland :(


  13. Chantelle says:

    I adore every piece, but I can’t get over your statement CLUTCH. Oh my goodness it is so gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on your collaboration. You should be very proud. <3

  14. Zora says:

    I would buy it all! You are so good designer! :) But if I have to choose just few, I would choose Box clutch, because the colour and the jewels are so perfect! And than the statement necklace and diamond bracelet- perfect pieces for every girl!

  15. Denise says:

    Men oh men, a favourite is so hard to choose!
    I would love to have all of them haha..
    Real favourites are the diamond & spiked barcelet, gorgeous bag and statement necklace ❤

    Love, Denise

  16. anni-amanda says:

    Käsikorut ja laukku on ihanat! Pakko käydä alkuvuodesta tsekkaamassa onko mitään enää jäljellä kun palaan takaisin Helsinkiin :) Onnea vielä ihanasta mallistosta!

  17. Adeline says:

    I’m soooo saaaaaaad !
    I’m just in love with your collection and can’t buy it from France ! Is anyone can send me some pieces? (that i buy before of course !)

  18. Malejka says:

    I love all of those amazing pieces, your collection is sooo amaziiing!!!!!! I’m so sad that I can’t buy anything… I really love those bracelets, look wonderful ith that grey cardigan. It’s so you!!

    Yesterday I saw all of your posts, from the very beginning and I have to say that you have really amazing style, your photos and all of your things are so magical. You are definitely the best fashion blogger in the world!


  19. Amanda says:

    Voi että kuinka mua harmittaa se että nuo on kultasia! Jokainen asuste on aivan täydellinen mutta en pidä yhtään kullasta :( Voi kun nuo kaikki saisi hopeana! Niittikoru on täydellinen <3

  20. Vera says:

    my favorites are the bag/clutch from the first pivture, the diamond bracelett und the tiny chain in rose gold. Too bad, that there’s no bikbok store in germany…
    great collection!

  21. Iris says:

    So sad Bik Bok isn’t shipping outside of Norway and Sweden. I hope that’ll change in the future cause your collection is really amazing. Well done ;)

  22. Sam says:

    Omg, they are so beautiful! Love your sense of style.
    I hope that the collection isn´t too expensive and that I can buy it somewhere online,
    because I´m from the Netherlands.
    kisses Sam

  23. Evans says:

    Oh my god!! It’s so beautiful!! I love the jeweled box and the diamond bracelet!! But alls are perfect!
    Congratulations Marianna!! ♥ ;)

  24. Aleksandra says:

    I like the clutch, the skull necklace and the cutest rings ever the best! But all other things are very lovely too! :)
    I wish we had a Bikbok store or I could make an order from Estonia :(

  25. Sandy says:

    I would like to buy the AP MM Shelly and the BR MM Silvery for christmas. My sister & I love your design.
    But the website doesn’t deliver in France :'(.

    • marianna says:

      Thank you!! :) Unfortunately these are available only in Finland, Sweden and Norway, I’m so sorry about that!:(


    • marianna says:

      I started using Instagram and kind of forgot Twitter :s I feel like Instagram is more my thing, so many of my tweets were about pictures… But maybe I’ll still use Twitter in the future, we’ll see :)

  26. Vivi says:

    Omg, I’m in love with everything, but maybe I’ve liked the rings most. What a shame I can’t buy them from here. (Brazil) ='(

  27. Oliwia says:

    I’m from Poland and I would like to buy almost everything but bik bok is only shipping to Sweden and Norway :((((((((((((((((

  28. Paulina says:

    Wow, everything is amazing, can’t wait for next trip to Norwey I will buy them all!

    Mariannan, Your blog was my inspiration to start my own, THANK YOU:)

  29. cris says:

    eyyyyy I like very much your products! I am from Spain and I would like to buy it!! Where can I got it? Do you have a online shop? :)
    I like your blog… its perfect!

  30. Jasmine says:

    I absolutely love the skull pendant. The skull necklace and ring are my favourites! :Where can you buy them from? )

  31. Lilac says:

    First of all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU. Second, I really want to purchase items from your line on Bik Bok’s website, but I live in the U.S. and they don’t ship here… you should definitely talk to them about changing that (: <3

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I went yesterday to Helsinki and was in both Bik Bok shops there. I was really looking forward to buy the Diamond bracelet and the spiked one, but they are sold out! As well as the rings and the “alive” necklace. It is really a pitty because I really wanted them! Do you know if they are going to bring more to shops? The collection is amazing!!!

  33. Patricia Lòpez says:

    Hello! I went yesterday to Helsinki and was in both Bik Bok shops there. I was really looking forward to buy the Diamond bracelet and the spiked one, but they are sold out! As well as the rings and the “alive” necklace. It is really a pitty because I really wanted them! Do you know if they are going to bring more to shops? The collection is amazing!!!

  34. Greti says:

    I love your collection! These are wonderful! I live in Hungary, and I want some clothes and jewellery for Christmas by your collection. Is it possible to order to Hungary? Unfortunately, in Hungary there is no Bikbok shop.
    Thanks to you, I know what I want for Christmas!!! :)

    xxxx, Greti

  35. chloé says:

    hei !!
    i see you blog everyday, i like this !
    I would like to buy a diamond bracelet, but bikbok not deliver in france
    It’s bad
    do you think that buy elsewhere?


  36. Nina says:

    Please tell me there available in/ sendable to Belgium…
    Love the bracelets so much! as your blog :)

    • marianna says:

      I’m so so sorry, but these are only available in Norway, Sweden and Finland! :( I wish I could do something about it!

      But thank you <3


  37. Adrianna says:

    Osaatko sanoa, mahtaako noita kahta käsikorua jotka tulevat yhdessä (piikkinen ja timanttinen), olla/tulla enää? Niiiiin kovasti haluaisin ne ja olen jo epätoivoisena kaikki helsingin bikbokit käynyt läpi :(