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jewelry storage

I got this beautiful jewelry tree as a Christmas present, and while shooting it, I thought I’d show you my whole jewelry storage system, that’s on my window board. I like to keep my jewelry in different boxes and vases etc, it’s easy to find what I’m looking for when I’m in a hurry. As I always am.

Sain joululahjaksi ihanan korupuun, ja sitä kuvaillessa tuli idea, että esittelisin koko ikkunalaudalla komeilevan korusäilytys-systeemini. Tykkään säilyttää koruja eri lokerikoissa ja kupeissa ja purkeissa, löytyy aina nopeasti mitä etsiikin!


This is great for small necklaces and bracelets, this way they don’t get messy

Tämä on niin loistava pienille kaulakoruille ja käsikoruille, ei mene solmuun




This box is from Zara Home..

Tämä lokerikko on Zara Homesta..


I keep here some of my statement necklaces and smaller ones, watches and long earrings

Pidän tässä joitain statement kaulakoruistani ja vähän pienempiäkin, kelloja ja pidempiä korviksia 



Here’s where I keep my bracelets

Näistä löytyy mun käsikorut


This white box (from Indiska) is probably made for tea, but I keep there my most used bracelets

Tästä valkoisesta (teepusseille tarkoitetusta?) Indiskan lokerikosta löytyy useimmin käytetyt käsikorut


And this vase is for cuff bracelets, and for the ones I use rarely

Lasipurkista taas isommat ja vähemmän käytetyt


Here the silver cup is for earrings and the heart shaped thing for rings

Hopeakupissa korvikset, sydänkupissa sormukset


I forgot to shoot where I keep my long necklaces, but there’s not much to show, they’re just hanging from a hook that’s on my wall

Unohdin kuvata missä pidän pitkiä kaulakorujani, mutta ei siinä paljoa esittelemistä olisi ollutkaan, roikkuu vain seinällä naulassa


How do you keep your jewelry?


83 Responses to jewelry storage

  1. annamagdalenax says:

    Where is the purple watch from? It’s so damn beautiful.

    Are you going to us or other presents, as every year? Hope so!

    All the best for 2013. <3

  2. Lorraine says:

    This is the first time I comment in your blog. I am in love with your style, your house and your country. So jealous!!
    Kisses from Barcelona. :) xx.

  3. Fiona says:

    Everything seems so perfect :) For the new year, I’m thinking about some renovations in my room. This post is the perfect inspiration for me.

  4. Ronja says:


    I love your blog soooo much! You have a perfect sense for style and I’m sure you are the most beautiful person in the whole world :D!

    I wish I could change my life with yours :D! Your simply PERFECT <3


  5. Maria-Theresa says:

    I really like your Jewelry , and also your version of storage !
    Its so stylish, i just have a Jewelry Suitcase .. simply boring, but with huge space !

    I love your Blog and you’re such a Beauty !

  6. Sabine says:

    Wow! Very organized and stylish at the same time! Thanks for this great inspiration! I have actually two big drawers full with jewelry and I really don’t find anything anymore. I will use your styling ideas for getting me new boxes and nice glasses.

    Lovely greetings from Germany,
    Sunny <3

  7. Iris says:

    Really cute post and I love your jewelry storage ! :)
    I have a earring holder, a small pot marble for my rings and some others boxes :)


  8. miscellaneous says:

    that’s very nice how you organise your jewellery!
    I don’t have many pieces, so I keep it all in one textile box with flower (roses) print from some Swedish textile shop.

  9. Tereza´s place says:

    You´ve got a really perfect storage! I don´t have much jewellery so I don´t even have to store in any special way…But I love that jar where you store bracelets, it is soo pretty!

  10. Leticia Costa says:

    I actually have a video on my YouTube channel, YouTube(.)com/xoLoveLeti , for an amazing DIY jewelry storage solution! It hangs necklaces, rings, bracelets, and looks so elegant. I hope you will check it out. Love you!

    • marianna says:

      Oikeesti! Onpa outoa :D Mietin just että pitäiskö mun kokeilla noihin jotain kikkoja ettei ne värjäytyisi, esim väritöntä kynsilakkaa tai muuta, mutta ilmeisesti ne on pysynyt ilman kikkailujakin ihan hyvässä kunnossa..

  11. tricia says:

    i (try to) keep most of my delicate pieces stored in small ziploc bags to prevent scratching. i also have several different types of containers to store them according to commodity (either a velvet lined tiny dresser or nice packaging that a watch came in). i keep my watches laid out on a long candy dish.

    i love your idea of the tea box for storage.