by malene birger 10 year anniversary


I’m back from Copenhagen! I have lots of pictures to show you, I’m starting now with my favorite show of the Copenhagen Fashion Week….

Kotona jälleen! Köpiksen muotiviikot takana, ja kuvien purkamista edessä. Aloitan nyt muotiviikkojen lempparinäytökselläni…


By Malene Birger’s 10 year anniversary show! It was just amazing. The Royal Danish Theatre was the most beautiful place, full of beautiful people, champagne and flowers… And the clothes of course.

Nimittäin By Malene Birgerin 10 vuotisnäytöksellä! Se oli aivan mahtava. Niin kauniissa paikassa, Tanskan Kansallisteatterissa (?), ja täynnä kauniita ihmisiä, shamppanjaa ja kukkia… Ja ah mitä vaatteita!


Here’s some of my favorite looks, you can see the whole collection here

Tässä pari kivaa asua näytöksestä, kaikki näytöksen lookit voi katsoa täältä


We were given these cute theatre binoculars

Näytökseen jaettiin nämä söpöt teatterikiikarit. Kaikki näyttivät tiirailevan näillä vain toisiaan, haha..

cph1 cph7 cph8 cph6

Loved it!


The next day I got to visit the By Malene Birger Head quarter. It looked like my dream office. Although it didn’t look like an office at all. It was like a fashion paradise! I had a meeting there with my future collaboration partner, which I’ll tell you later more about.

Seuraavana päivänä minut oltiin kutsuttu erään tapaamisen merkeissä By Malene Birgerin pääkonttorille. Ja vau mikä kartano se olikaan!

cph10 cph17 cph14 cph13 cph11 cph9 cph15 cph16

Happy Birthday By Malene Birger! And thank you for inviting me!

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  1. Tien

    Looks like you had an amazing time! The show would have been fantastic I love love love the clothes from MB. Lucky you :)

    Tien xo

  2. Sandy

    Woooowwww! This looks so amazing! So happy for you!! 2013 started pretty well for you didn’t it? You go girl!! ;) Lots of love from Cologne/Germany

  3. Noush

    Great pics ! I hope you had a great time !

  4. Ksenia

    Amazing photos!)

  5. alex

    Looks so glamorous ♥

  6. Anna

    Wow! What a beautiful collection and celebration! Great photos as always.

  7. Lizzie T.

    Wonderful photos, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the future collaboration! Whatever it is I’m sure it will be lovely and exciting.

  8. Ola

    Amazing photos ;3 I love this style and elegant interior.

  9. Iv

    Great photo! Your live must be amazing;) That is is absolutly impressing what you do. Good luck with new project! ;)

  10. Elena

    loved the pictures and the studded shoes. oh my, i want them soooo badly.
    love your blog, marianna.

  11. Elizabete

    such great photos! I love the By Malene clothes and especially the headquarters. I completely agree with you that they do NOT look like an office at all, haha.


  12. Eliza

    Looks awesome! I’m so looking forward to hear news about your new collab! Sounds exiting! xx

  13. louise

    That looks like an amazing show, and meeting. What an adventure I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!


  14. Giną

    Beautiful photos! Show us Marianna what was your outfit on fashion week!

  15. Tina

    Beautiful photos! Show us Marianna what was your outfit on fashion week!

  16. Charlotte

    Wow, amazing photos! They’re looking so precious and classy. My favorites at the third from last are the great studded shoes – beautiful! You have a perfect life!! <3

  17. Jessica

    Wow! Great pictures!
    I love your blog! Very stylish!!!

    Love greetings!

  18. Lorraine

    Amazing! And beautiful photos ^^

  19. Gloria

    hermosas fotos :)

  20. Kris

    Tanskan kuninkaallinen teatteri <3 Se on ihan mielettömän kaunis sisältä, haluan vielä joskus nähdä sen livenä! Ja ihania kuvia jälleen, sulla on kyllä silmää :)

  21. Rachella

    Looks amazing dear! X

  22. Sandra

    Outfit post plis !!

    • marianna

      Oho! Enpä ole :o

      Kiitti kun ilmoitit.

  23. simona ion

    lovely! hugs!

  24. yvonne

    Lovely photos. And that office truely is a dreamoffice!

  25. Annie

    It looks like an amazing show, great photos!!!

  26. Michelle

    Nice photos :)

  27. Kristina

    Gorgeous !

    welcome to my blog –

  28. Parisian Bird

    Have to admit that collection isn’t one of my favorites but those heels you took a picture are to die for! It makes me wanna enter that place through my computer screen and steal them! hahah
    And speaking about the place…it looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

  29. rain drop

    wow!!!!! cool :)))) would like to be there too, u lucky girl!

  30. Luisisi

    wonderfull, and a lot of Moet :D

    visit me pleease ladies, love :))

  31. Charlotte

    Wowwwwwww that show looks amazing! X

  32. Grace

    Welcome back mariannan :) will you show us a haul if you brought anything on your trip?

  33. Monica

    The Royal Danish theater is remarkably beautiful. I’m so impressed with all of the decor and the fashions look great, too.
    I love the wall photo collage. A lovely office, indeed!


  34. SarahWunderkind

    This is such a nice post and a great interior design as well! I really love the decoration. Guess, I have to rethink my interior at home. I hope to read a lot more of these posts. Congrats to this lovely blog, great job!

    Best, Sarah

  35. Elina

    Taisin nähdä sut yks päivä Kampin K-marketissa, olit jotenki tosi pienen ja siron näkönen! Kannattaa olla ilonen että oot pysyny noin ihanan nuoren näkösenä, taidanki ruveta seuraamaan meikkausohjeitasi aika tarkkaan :D

  36. Anonymous

    Your photos are great! Wanting to get the same camera that you have!
    It’s so interesting to see what you experience!


  37. Anonymous

    do you like your own voice?

    • Anonymous

      I am sorry, when I see a beautiful girl I totally ask the most random questions.

  38. Sandra

    Outfit post!

  39. Anonymous

    i actually never write negative comments because first i don’t want to be rude and second most of the time i feel like it’s simply not worth it. but i’m following your blog for about a year now and i just feel it’s getting worse and worse. i found you at lookbook and fell in love with your style at the same moment. and yes: your style is still great but your blog isn’t anymore. your get a lot of great collaborations, have the opportunity to travel all over the world and live in the best hotels. most of your readers have no chance to get these experiences but you have to thank them for all these amazing things you get through your blog because no readers no collaborations no luxury hotels.
    but i don’t feel that you’re thankfull. or let’s say i believe that you are happy to have these opportunities but now you’ve got them you just want to enjoy and because you have to you make the few posts per week and think the work is done. but your blog gets more and more impersonal and boring. every time i see a new post i wait for something special but there is nothing.
    i don’t write this because i’m jealous or because i want to be mean. i write this to let you know that everything you’ve got you got for a reason. you’re blog was great. it wasn’t perfect but one could feel the passion you put in your posts and the effort with which you wanted to offer your readers something special. now i feel that you are writing by necessity, because you have to. and the main thing you do is enjoy your life. and i feel it’s wrong that you take things for granted. at the moment there are so many better bloggers outthere than you are. and i don’t feel like you deserve all the things you get anymore.
    i’ll continue to admire you’re taste because that’s something unique and i hope you’ll find back to your old way of blogging. otherwise i’m leaving!

  40. Bruna Fernandes

    You should post the clothes you wear at the fashion shows!!! i would love to see!!!!!

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