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I can’t find anything else to say than thank you! For following me on Facebook and on Instagram, for all the support and comments, and most of all for reading my blog. I’m so surprised there’s so many of you, and so happy to have you! This month both Instagram and Facebook records broke, quite hard to believe those numbers…

Vau, nyt ei löydy muuta sanottavaa kuin kiitos. Blogini lukemisesta, ihanista kommenteista ja kaikesta palautteesta, ja vain siellä olemassaolosta. Tässä kuussa rikkoutui Facebook-tykkääjien ja Instagram seuraajien uudet kymmentuhannet, noita lukuja on aika vaikea käsittää…

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  1. Peaches

    I really love your blog. I follow it and your Instagram :)
    Take care xxx

  2. Vicky

    You deserve it! :-)

    • Vicky

      oh and also, what blogs do you like to follow?

  3. annamagdalenax

    You absolutely deserve it. You and your blog are awesome. I’m proud that I’m part of something so special.

    I’ll never stop reading your blog! x

    Ps. Please answer my letter :(

  4. Anonymous

    Mariannan, Poland love You soo much♥!

  5. Elizabete

    honestly, you deserve them! have been following your blog for years and I have still to get tired of you and your blog. I’ve been blogging for over 3 years but without much success.. maybe it’s my lack of blogging but it’s hard to blog when your free time is occupied with schoolwork and friends! any advice? <3


  6. noush

    Congratulations, you deserve it so much !!!

    • marianna

      Kiitos Nanna! <3

  7. alina

    Congratulations! :)

  8. Lizzie T.

    Congrats! You deserve it all! :)

  9. meri

    Sun blogi on nii mahtava! :)

    • marianna

      Hihi voi kiitos :)

  10. marcella

    wow, :) congratulations

  11. rosa chavez

    I can tell your a good person through your writing and your pictures. I love your style and your kindness. Please keep it up! Xoxo from anaheim, cali.

  12. Anonymous

    We thank you to ;* ;)

  13. kira

    Марианна, как можно с тобой связаться? хочу с тобой по скайпу поговорить. пожалуйста, ответь

  14. Aimee

    Congrats! You have an amazing blog! =)

  15. Dee

    You deserve it! I’ve been folowing you for years and your blog has evolved in so many ways. The photos are getting better and better! Post more cos I cant get enough! :)

    Congrats x

  16. eleonora

    You definitely deserve it! You’re one of my favourite bloggers! =)

    xx, eleonora

  17. Monica

    I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t love your blog. Your pictures are always great quality, you’re fashionably inspiring, you have made a great career for yourself and you have such a lovely, lavish lifestyle – I always look forward to reading your posts :)


  18. Mel

    Hi Marianna!! love your stuff…

    Readers, please take the time to view my blog and follow ! I need two more to reach 20 followers :)

  19. Ana

    Love your blog new post!

  20. Paulina

    Well actually we thank you for inspiring us every day! I still remember the day when I found your blog. I spent whole night reading old posts and when I saw all of them I was so saaaad!
    Have a great week.

  21. Joyce

    Yayyy! So happy for you. :D

  22. Giovi

    I think you’re the most down to heart blogger I’ve ever seen! I follow your blog from years, and I really like you:)

  23. tessa

    love so much your blog ! <3 happy for you !

  24. Sophie

    Congrats! Love you <3

  25. sandy

    Congrats Marianna! ;) I rarely comment on your blog, but now i just must say it! I think people like you and your blog so much because you are real, cheerful, natural and modest and what is important you are not haughty. Take care and don’t change! ;) You are great! ;) Kisses from Poland ;)

  26. Anonymous

    Too bad that are the only accounts that matter for you right now, what about the other ones? Don’t forget you have thousands of followers there too! They are everywhere!

  27. anon

    too bad that you don’t care about your readers at all ;-) a lot of people seem to love you and you don’t give a shit about them. you say readers are important. right, they made you who you are.

    • marianna

      I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. You don’t know me at all if you think that…

  28. Karla Johanna

    Yay great, congratulations :) you totally deserve it! You are such an inspiring young woman <3

    • marianna

      Thank you sooo much! :)

  29. sara

    congrats & thank you for sharing your lovely blog!

  30. Anonymous

    I’m very happy for you !

    you made it!

    lots of love.

    • yuliya

  31. Marijn Lashkari

    You are very beautiful.. I like your style and blog very much!

    Do you like to follow eachother? I follow you now..


  32. You You

    You’re amazing,Marianna! <3

    • marianna

      You are <3

  33. Alessia

    Congrats sweetie! You deserve all this:)

  34. Denise

    You totally deserve it, awesome as you are!

    Love, Denise

  35. Anonymous

    Not even one reply from you until now, wtf is this?

  36. Amanda

    Congratulations, you deserve it! :D I’m a big fan of you from Sweden! <3 I've read your blog for a very long time! :)

    • marianna

      Thank you Amanda :) That’s so nice! <3

  37. Parisian Bird

    Congratulations! You deserve every piece of it. It’s hard to find a nice blogger who is able to keep the image of a sweet person. Wish you all the best. :)

  38. Jane

    I really love your blog, and wish you all the best for the futur ! x.o

  39. Ana

    New post plis!

  40. marianna

    Thank you everyone <3 You’re too kind!! :)

  41. nimimerkki

    Google Readerin kautta:
    Subscribers: 3,240

    .. mutta missä viipyy Google+:n käyttö?

  42. Nicky

    year, I think it’s almost like STALKING…

  43. annamagdalenax

    Exactly, you seem to know me very well ;) you have no idea what are you talking about. Whatever.

  44. Mysteria

    Well, you judge about her and call her a stalker without even knowing her, right? If I may correct your mistakes: Obviously, she is not a stalker. She is not spamming comments like an idiot and she isn’t camping in front of Mariannan’s house either. Stalking is defined as invading someone’s privacy in the heaviest way, including the private life, calling every single second someone on the mobile or even camping in front of that person’s house. What annamagdalena’s doing has got NOTHING to do with stalking, first things first.
    Secondly, you girls need to improve your English, like seriously. Someone who can’t even figure out the difference between year and yeah plus then and then, shouldn’t judge other people for leaving a comment in here. I do not appreciate this hating behaviour, neither does Mariannan. If you think you can improve your image with this, then sorry girls, nobody can, not even you. It sounds more like jealousy outta nothing, so stop it in the name of god, you do not even know her, so do not judge her.

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