sunday & sunshine


It was so sunny today that I needed my sunglasses for the first time this spring. It was also freezing. At first I planned on wearing a burgundy mini skirt, but I had to go with the jeans instead. Plus I needed another jacket on top of this, I’m just so tired of winter clothes I threw the boring coat away while taking pictures. This week was amazing. I’m excited to start the new week with new energy. Blogging, friends, gym, some meetings. Normal everyday life, but that’s exactly what I want right now.

Tänään oli kevään ensimmäinen aurinkolasipäiväni. Oli silti ihan jäätävän kylmä, suunnittelin ensin laittavani viininpunaisen minihameen, mutta pakkasasteet nähtyäni päätin mennä farkuilla. Oli tässä asun päällä vielä toinen takkikin, mutten kuvissa sitä jaksanut pitää, talvivaatteet blaah! Tämä viikko oli muuten hyvä viikko, huomenna alkaa ehkä vielä parempi! Ihan normaalia elämää, mutta sitä mä just kaipaankin. Sain auringosta varmaan aika hyvin energiaa, nyt on vain hyvä fiilis.

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‘Bad’ t-shirt Zoe Karssen, gifted from MyWardrobe
Knit, leather jacket & shoes
Sunnies Ray Ban

‘Bad’ t-paita Zoe Karssen, saatu MyWardrobesta
Farkut – Topshop
Nahkatakki, neule ja kengät – Zara
Aurinkolasit – Ray Ban 

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Angel wing bracelet Phoebe Coleman, gifted from MyWardrobe

Siipikäsikoru – Phoebe Coleman, saatu MyWardrobesta

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  1. Sonia

    I love your style !!

  2. Anna

    You look stunning and flawless! You are my biggest inspiration.

    And never stop blogging! x

  3. Mel

    I love your blog! I am always on the hunt for similar things that you post up but I am in London at the moment so it has been easier hehe

    Please visit and follow my blog :)

  4. Tereza´s place

    I loooove these glasses, I just need to get myself a pair like this as soon as possible! I know right, the winter is just getting really annoying now! I really need some sun and a little bit of warmer weather soo desperately…

  5. Paulina

    Nice outfit! I love the t-shirt especially.

  6. Anonymous

    love your style!
    check our mine

  7. sof

    Love the jeans!!! beautiful color!!

  8. Anonymous

    There is a smile! :)

  9. noush

    I really love this look !!

  10. Parisian Bird

    Those bracelets are amazing! They look so feminin and pretty. Want them in my life!

  11. Leanne

    I love this outfit. It’s casual but stylish!


  12. ladypa

    you look fab

    i love the leather jacket, such a great piece that every girl needs in her closet

    the golden jewelry looks great with the studded wedges



  13. Vida

    I love this outfit! Strangely this year, even though I am really excited for spring/summer, I am in love with winter fashion right now – jackets, furs, and cozy sweaters! Love those sneaks – I just ordered a pair of wedge sneakers from target, hope they are just as amazing =)

  14. Olga

    In Poland it was sunny day too! :) There was about +3 degrees! :D So when I went to supermarket I wore sneakers instead of boots, yeah :D And finally I didn’t have to wear cap and gloves! Yay! I really really really can’t wait to first day of spring. :) And you looks amazing as always! :) I love you bag :)

  15. M.

    Love your Outfit! You’re looking great! ♥

  16. Stasa

    Is that jacket from new Zara collection?:)

    • marianna

      Unfortunately not. But there are some great leather jackets in the new collection too :)

  17. Anna

    As always great outfit and great post! xx

  18. Tien

    Hi M! Love that you can put your sunglasses on :) It’s still so cold and windy and Grey here in London but at least the days are getting longer which means the that Summer is on the horizon! Like you I can’t wait to not have to wear 10 layers – it definitely will make my OOTD blog posts a lot more interesting :P

    Tien xo

  19. sandra

    Gorgeous! Your hair is amazing ♥

  20. Monica

    I love the combination of your arm jewelry. It always looks great!
    Those shoes are amazing too. I’ve been lusting after a pair of wedge sneakers for a few weeks!


  21. Christal

    Your outfits never disappoint. I think this might be my most favorite ones. Love the shoes, I’ve been eyeing them. The pants are a gorgeoussss color. And the leather jacket is just perfect. I love it!!


  22. Lexy

    Loving the outfit and I especially love the gold peace bracelet! Such good choices

  23. Naghmeh

    This is such a great casual outfit! love those shoes :)

  24. Rebecca

    I love this outfit so much. The combination of burgundy and black looks amazing. Can’t wait for the sunny weather to wear my sunnies again and especially for the time when one can leave their coats at home. xx

  25. Pauline

    The leather jacket is cool, I love that it’s from Zara :D

    • marianna

      Thank you – and so are you!


  26. Mira

    Cool casual look. Esp love the jacket <3



  27. Dominika

    Love the outfit
    but you’re also an example that aviator sunglasses aren’t for everyone and not everybody looks good in theese

  28. annie

    amazing outfit as always!

    • marianna

      Hihii kiitos ;D

  29. yuliya

    pretty golden bracelet <3

    love, yuliya.

  30. Ajush

    Is it spring already?

    • marianna

      Well not quite, but it’s definitely coming :)

  31. L

    Ihania yksityiskohtia sun asussa, rakastan noita koruja!
    Óon ihan samaa mieltä sun kanssa, kaikki näyttää paljon paremmalta sillon ku on aurinkoista
    – tulis jo se kesä!

  32. Michelle

    You look great, especially love your bag and jacket :)

  33. Elena

    such a beautiful outfit, marianna.

    • marianna

      Thank you Elena, so sweet of you!


  34. Ola

    You look beautiful! I have got the same pair of burgund jeans.

  35. Janet

    Such a nice outfit.

  36. Sabina

    oh i just loove your shirt♥its perfect :D

  37. Anonymous

    Love it!

  38. aleksandra


  39. Marianne

    Näyttää kyl ihan tosi hyvältä toi asu! Harmi, ku ei vielä voi pelkällä nahkatakilla olla liikkeellä..

    • marianna

      No sanopa muuta! Ja kiitos :)

  40. Anonymous

    You look so amazing! :))
    This burgundy Jeans look so great on you. Be proud on having so beautiful legs!!! :)

    I follow you for about a year and I can say: I’m excited to read the post everytime.
    You inspired me to start a blog o myself :D Thank you, Marianna.

  41. m

    olet ihana, kaunis ja aurinkoinen!:) ja sinun postauksia on tosi mukava lukea!!:)

  42. Iida

    Moikka Marianna! Voisitko linkata tophsopista noiden farkkujen linkin, ne on ihan super ihanan näköiset!:) Ps. olet tosi kaunis, niin kuin aina :>

  43. Daria

    You look great at this look! I think be bad suits you bigger than be good)

  44. Aleksandra

    LOVE THIS <3

    • marianna

      Thank you Aleksandra! <3

  45. Paula's Place

    I love your blog and your style ! ♥

  46. Courtney Janet

    I am in love with this outfit! Probably one of my top favorites from you!
    Those pants are to die for!!
    xxo All the best


  47. Silvi

    love this outfit! you look gorgeous and have such a perfect body! especially the legs! can’t wait to wear my sunnies out! – xx Si

  48. Anonymous

    Really like your style!

  49. E L I S S E

    I just love Ur jacket !!! I will be thankfull if U visit my blog –

  50. Simo

    I really like your taste, fresh and elegant always with a surprising point. as I live in canary Islands I wait for spring/summer when you will give me more ideas for outifits that I can use for inspiration here :)))

  51. Denise

    Wow, gorgeous! I could totally wear this look ♥♥

    Love, Denise

  52. lotta

    Mikä iphone sulla on? (:

    • marianna

      iphone 4 :) Sit kun tulee uus malli niin ehkä aika hommata uusi!

  53. Tina

    I prefer you in more elegant outfits like heels with leggings and coat or skirts I think that in this outfit you look like teenager a little bit but I love this trousers and jacket!

  54. Tiffany D'Souza

    Love the outfit! But especially the bag! I am in love with it. Where from?

    • marianna

      Zara :) Thank you!!


  55. You You

    Amazing outfit! I’m in love with your shoes! <3

  56. MissHudson

    Love the jacket! :)

  57. Chantelle

    i LOVE this whole outfit. the leather jacket has such wonderful detailing. you look stunning!

  58. Fanny

    i absolutely love your style!


    love your sneakers!

  60. Francois Bresmal

    Perfect outfit, love the seams on the sleeves of your jacket & love your arm candy. You actually have the best arm candies ;) – Your most addicted Belgian reader Francois

  61. tess

    best ♥

  62. E L I S S E

    U jacket and bag are awesome ! I Just love ur style ;)

  63. emmi

    I adore your jacket…..

  64. Arina

    I love your outfit!!! :)
    Two thumbs up!!

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