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hair by peili


About a week ago I went to get my hair done at Peili, a lovely hairdresser place in Helsinki. My last time there was in the end of summer, I was really happy with the result back then, so I had no doubt I’d be happy also this time. Giau colored some new ombre highlights in my hair, my wish was to keep my own hair color since I’ve never dyed it, and to keep it natural. And I really got what I asked for! In the picture above the line where the ombre highlights start is more visible because of some contrast I added, but it’s really natural irl. Also the dry ends of my hair are gone now! Thank you Peili and Giau!

Noin viikko sitten kävin Peilissä taas laittamassa hiuksiani, Freda 29:n liikkeessä. Viime kerrasta olikin ehtinyt vierähtää aikaa, se oli nimittäin kesän lopulla. Nyt lisättiin ombre raitoja hiuksiin, ja vitsi miten kivasti tuo eloa tasaiseen väriin johon olin jo niin tottunut! Toista kertaa olin siis peilissä, ensimmäisellä kerralla Hannella ja nyt Giaulla, ja taas sain tyytyväisenä lähteä! Kiitos Peili! 


Getting started with latte and a pile of fashion magazines. I love the service here, I was even offered cake!

Täytyy taas kehua palvelua täällä, tarjottiin lattea ja kakkua, vielä pino muotilehtiä niin aika hurahti vauhdilla


Waiting for the color to work…

Väri vaikuttamassa…


Then a little bit of cutting and curling, and done! I was a little bit sad to have such a nice curls on that snowy day, didn’t last for long, but well that’s the winter here!

Vielä kuivien latvojen poisleikkelyä ja kiharrusta, ja valmista! Sääliksi kävi kiharoita kun piti sellaiseen lumisateeseen poistua että sai hyvästellä ne melkein heti, mutta no, Suomen talvi…

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  1. Anna says:

    I totally love your hair, Marianna. It’s the first thing I recognized when I saw one of your pictures, your gorgeous hair! :) I wish mine would be so long, haha but I’ve to go to the hairdresser soon too, my ends are so damn dry :( but I also have ombre highlights, because I wanna keep my brown hair color anyway. I think its a good alternative to the whole ombre look! And it totally looks perfect on you! :)
    Did you get the hairdresser recommend by lovely Alexa? :) I think she’s going there too :P :D

    Which shampoo and conditioner are you using? I’m still looking for the perfect one for me. :)

    Have a great new energetic week, Marianna.

  2. Dixi Wonderland says:

    WOW! On saturday it will be my first time dyeing my hair at a hair salon! Im a bit nervous but I will show my hairdresser you hair color in this picture cause it is exactly what I want, really beautiful!

  3. Juliana West says:

    I absolutely love your blog – such a great source of inspiration and I love how positive you are about life, its very inspiring. Check out my blog if you would like!


  4. DashKos says:

    Hey, marianna! I would like to say a BIG THANK U to your blog. I’ve been rereading it for about couple weeks, now I’me on the post memories of 2012. It is all such an inspiration!!!! Four years ago you were the person to make me create my own blog. Than i got a little troubles with that, as I found out my dad was reading it and i gave up. This year after New Year’s holiday i started rereading your blog and guess what? I’me writing my own again :D
    So thank you for all these lovely cute things you are writing here and please keep going! I wish you all the best!
    Send you all the love from Moscow, Russia.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love your style, blog & hairdo!!

    I´ve been going in your page a lot of times, now i follow youuu :)!

    I am a fashion designer starting my way in this fashion world, i would love you to go into MY UNIVERSE PANICULATA I also have a blog where i talk about trenes and post pica of my clothes!!!

    If you do go in i hope you enjoy ;)!!!!


  6. Magdalena says:

    Beautiful hair – nice cut and great natural color.
    I have never seen so awesome service at any hairdresser. Coffee and piece of cake when you wait for cutting is something nice :)

    • marianna says:

      Se oli kaverin tuttavan kämppä, tällä kertaa ei hotelli :) Hmm en osaa sanoa mikä olis lempparein hotelli tähän astisista mitä nähnyt, sijainti vaikuttaa ehkä eniten, riippuen haluuko olla hälinässä vai rauhallisemalla alueella. Shoppailuhulluna oon ehkä tykännyt eniten 34th streetin Hilton hotellista! :D