tartan kind of thursday


I feel like I’m alive again. Slowly but surely waking up from my winter coma. I don’t know what it is that suddenly made this, but I’m continuing with every little thing that could have helped. Over-eating berries and vitamins, drinking coffee in the mornings again, and just not giving up on dark days. Today it was sunny – thank god – and I had to get some quick outfit pictures while grabbing coffee and meeting my friend for lunch. Later another friend came over to cook me dinner (I took care of the wine part), yum it was delicious, now I’m just happy and tired and blogging before bed. I have a couple new books I can’t wait to start, I’m addicted on reading again. It’s the best thing to do before going to sleep, calms down and clears mind of everything. I hope you are still there, even though it might feel like I’ve been a little distant and away here on the blog lately, finally I can say that I’m back! Good night people <3

Vihdoin tuntuu siltä, kuin heräilisi tästä talvikoomasta. En tiedä mikä mua on auttanut, mutta joka ikinen pieni asia mikä onkaan voinut olla, niistä mä pidän kiinni. Marjojen ja vitamiinien tankkausta, aamukahveja taas tauon jälkeen (kahvittomuus ei tehny yhtään hyvää!), ja vain sinnikkäästi liikkeellä pysymistä synkimpinäkin päivinä, vaikka aamulla tekisi mieli jatkaa unia ja pitää verhot kiinni iltaan asti. Eieiei! Tänään paistoi pitkästä aikaa, ja piti saada asukuvat samalla kun treffasin ensin äitiäni kahvin merkeissä ja myöhemmin kaveriani lounaalla. Illalla toinen kaverini tuli kokkailemaan mulle ihanan ruoan, mä hoidin viinipuolen, ah nyt on rentoutunut olo! Vielä bloggailua ja kohta uuden kirjan aloittamista ennen nukkumaanmenoa. Halusin tulla täällä vielä huikkaamaan sen, että nyt tää mun poissaolevuus bloginkin puolella saa loppua, talvi on välillä perseestä mutta sitä suuremmalla syyllä nyt niitä kivoja juttuja! Hyvää yötä <3

tartan-2 tartan-4 tartan-3 tartan-6 tartan-5 tartan-7 tartan-10 tartan-8

Coat French Connection /Girissima
Scarf Zara
Jeans BikBok
Bag Saint Laurent
Boots Steve Madden


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  1. Kamila

    Hey Marianna, I love you coat and sweater :) It s almost unbeliaveble how happy you look all the time!



      • Lorna

        You look amazing Marianna! I know what you mean about a winter coma though, it’s been terrible this winter, one of the worst I think, so gloomy and so much bad weather. I really can not wait for spring! Love the tartan scarf here!

        Raindrops of Sapphire

      • WOWS

        Great maxi scarf! Love the color touch and the tartan print.
        Amazing boot s too!

        Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

        Today I bring you a Casual outfit with very eye-catching Floral print Neoprene Pants!!

    • Sabrina

      Hi Marianna,

      Love your blog! Would you ever consider doing a post on your everday make up?

    • Sabrina

      Hi Marianna,

      Love your blog! Would you consider doing your every day make up look? Your favourite products, skin care etc? Pls:)

  2. novella - 9lla.it

    Love your tartan scarf!
    I’ve DIY-ed one some months ago because I was so obsessed!!!

    Nice outfit, btw!


    A fashion & DIY blog

  3. Marta

    You look so pretty! :) ♥

  4. esther

    love your ouffit!! hope you get better soon! :)

  5. Voguerka


    it so good you’re back and I do hope you are! I’ve been following you like forever and I managed to sense that you’ve been a little distant here recently. Anyway, that’s fine by me. If you don’t feel like being around sometimes you need to take your time. I’m going through a bad patch right now, having some kind of winter-no-sun-everything-sucks crisis. SOS!

    You look so fresh and pretty! Love this outfit, so inspiring.

    Love you girl! I’m happy to see you!


  6. Noush

    I love your scarf !

  7. SpeakingPrada

    This has to be one of my favorite outfits from you! :) You look lovely <3

  8. Tina

    Love this outfit! It’s just perfect! what did you buy in Furla? Could you show us?:)

  9. pia

    I love your blog so much! You post such amazing outfits :) The scarf on this one is beautiful and your bag is gorgeous!


  10. Klaudia

    Do you have driver license ? ;) I love your blog!

  11. Anonymous

    my outfit today was quite the same. jeans, black boots, tartan scarf and grey coat. :D simple but effective. :)) I’m happy that you’re back. :))

  12. Anna

    Hey lovely Marianna,

    good to see that you’re back. I think it’s okay for any blogger to be distant and away from their blog for a while. :) as long as you find your way back, and I’m happy you did! You look gorgeous on these pics. I love the Zara scarf, I’ve been wearing mine nearly every day! Probably my best purchase last autumn, thanks to you, haha ;)

    Do you have any book recommendation from the ones you found recently? I’m looking for new reading inspirations and you always do an amazing job in inspiring me (in everything!)

    You’re the best! <3

    xx Anna

  13. Mani

    Cute outfit! I especially love that scarf, the print’s amazing.

  14. Monika

    Fantastic casual look :)
    Love your coat!

    Exactly! I totally agree with you. I adore books too. I recommend ‘Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World’s Most Coveted Handbag’ – Michael Tonello’s :)

  15. Tia

    This is a beautiful outfit. You make me want to buy one of these scarves so badly! Plus, no one pulls off bauble hats quite as well as you… x


  16. Chantelle

    Don’t worry darling, we totally get that way too. I can’t believe how depressing this winter has been so far. And we are getting a snow storm almost every week. It’s ridiculous!

    • marianna

      Thanks for the cheer up, and yes, just waiting for summer! <3

  17. Christina

    I love the outfit! But I was wondering what you are wearing on your nails?…it looks pretty natural…but there seems to be some kind of sheen :)

  18. Alina Ermilova

    Love this outfit and the scarf! Really stylish! <3

    Recently, I've been reading books before bed too! It helps me to relax and gives me a great calm sleep. :)


  19. Sara

    Lovely outfit Marianna. Great combination of the white coat, black pants and red tartan scarf. It all looks so fresh with the coat.

    I’ve been getting more energy out of running again lately. I picked up my training scheme again and I’m back on the roll. The days are finally getting longer so I go running right after I return from work, and I have a lot of energy for the rest of the evening. :) Welcome back sweet Marianna!

    X Sara

  20. Elizabeth Living

    I know exactly what you mean with the winter coma ;-) but nice to hear that you feel much better now! Like always you look great dear. Hope you can be really happy now while taking the first sumbeams as a chance to start with a fresh feeling again.



  21. Sophie

    Hey Marianna,
    Glad you are emerging from your winter doldrums. I’ve also been suffering from these awful dark skies, so much that I actually bought one of those daylight lamps recently and it’s made a HUGE difference. Suddenly I’m motivated to do things and be creative and take risks again. :) Mine is called the Impulsion DayLight but I think any brand could help you if you continue to have trouble.
    Love from the Netherlands
    xoxox Sophie

  22. Vanessa

    I can’t forget about those boots! I’m so in love with them, but I can’t find them anymore :( but by the way, you’re style is so inspiring, I love the classic look and still you manage to put your own ‘touch’ into your outfits. Amazing <3

  23. Belledejour

    Mitkä on sun lempikirjoja?

    • marianna

      Tällä hetkellä ehkä Mari Jungstedtin dekkarit!

  24. yudresscode

    Happy to have you back! I could feel that you were not 100% lately! But, you come back great! You look really nice in this outfit! Have a good day!

  25. salla

    Aivan ihana vaalea takki sulla! Just jotain tuon tapaista oon itsekin vähän etsiskellyt :)
    Pakko lisätä vielä että oot Marianna mulle loputon inspiraation lähde, joka ikinen sun postaus on niin harkittu ja loistava sekä sisällöltään että kuviltaan! Saan sun tyylistä tosi paljon vinkkejä omaan pukeutumiseen, sun kodin sisustuksesta nyt puhumattakaan :) ihanaa kevään odotusta ja jatka samaan malliin tyttö!

    • marianna

      Kiitos ihana <3

  26. Ana Stclair

    I am in love with this look.
    Always so pretty :*

  27. Elena

    i just love your scarf. tartan scarfs are just perfection. i own way to many.

  28. Esther

    Love the coat and the scarf too it gives personality to the whole look.

  29. Sims

    Nice outfit, that scarf and coat is everything!

  30. Erika´s Life

    Beautiful outfit!! I love it ! :) And I love reading books too :))

  31. Justyna

    Marianna – as beautiful as always. You’re perfect <3


  32. Camille

    Hi, I love your style and I find it so inspirational to see what you are wearing. Gorgeous coat!

    Please visit my blog cococami.blogspot.co.uk to enter my giveaway to win a Primark goody bag filled with a wallet, beanie hat, eyeshadow palette and hair conditioner pack! Giveaway ends today at 8pm GMT!

  33. Ejbii

    Amazing! <3

  34. Mia

    How pretty and cozy! The sunshine really makes a huge difference when it comes to getting over the winter blues. I certainly don’t want to get out of bed when it’s still dark out. x


  35. Gabriela

    Woooow I lovw your coat in the light color!! It looks so stunning!!:)) And Im so happy you’re back!:) Please post more oftenO:) I love your posts so much!!!
    Kisses, G♥


  36. Rosa Rosenstaub

    Lovely pics dear!

    You’ve got a new follower on Bloglovin.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Rosa Rosenstaub, Germany

  37. Mireille

    Beautiful coat and scarf!

    xoxo Mireille

  38. Nikki

    Your scarf is amazing Marianna! I love the tartan combined with the white coat:) Have a lovely weekend! X

    • marianna

      Kiitos Emma! :)

  39. Patricia

    Great outfit. You look amazing!

    • marianna

      Thanks Patricia!


  40. Monica

    I love winter, so I don’t mind the cold and dark days, but soon enough it will be summer! Stay warm and drink hot coffee! :)
    Love that scarf from Zara!


  41. Dine

    Love your glasses and scarf :-)

  42. stephanie

    I love reading before sleeping too.
    What books are you reading?
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  43. Silvia

    Hi :) You look so beautiful :) I love this coat :)

  44. Rebecca

    I love the coat<3

  45. Paula

    nice :)

    ” (…) I have a couple OF new (…), I’m addicted TO reading again (…)”

    takce care :)

    • Paula

      and take care too :P

  46. Reka

    this is literally my dream white coat! amazing! xo

  47. Kristina

    Soo stylish!
    I like your coat!

    me – alexandrova-kr.blogspot.com

  48. Dominica

    absolutely amazing outfit!

    • marianna

      Thank you so much Dominica!

  49. Dani

    Oh – My – God ! – Your sunglasses – where did you get them? They’re looking awesome!
    By the way, I also feel terrible during the darker months and as soon as the sun is coming out again, my whole body kind of wakes up and I feel better immediately.
    But for those month in the winter I try to help myself with a lot of candles, movies and days off in general.
    I definitely know how you feel!

  50. Lucia

    I love visiting your blog from time to time. The pictures are beautiful and a welcome refuge from the day to day routine. I live in Canada and it’s pretty cold here too but thanks for making winter look fun.

  51. katie

    Hey Mariannan :)
    Could you tell me which model and size are you sunglasses?


  52. Aimee

    Love the gold aviators! =)

  53. Healthy Aga

    nice pictures! and hello back :))

  54. Leanne

    Gorgeous winter look , Marianna!

    Love from South Africa

  55. denise

    hello! I really love your blog and you and your pictures! Just wondering what lens do you use with your d7000? it seems so nice and bright!

  56. Payton

    I love your look. Always so polished and sophisticated xx

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