Posted Saturday February 8 2014 by marianna

past week randoms


Ikea visit a few days ago. I bought only some small basic things, like candles and flowers, I think it’s always fun going there even though I don’t have anything special to buy.

Ikeassa piti käydä taas muutama päivä sitten hamstraamassa kynttilöitä ja kukkia. Ikeareissut on mun mielestä aina hauskoja, vaikkei olisikaan mitään erityistä ostettavaa.


A top from New York, I wore this for the first time last Saturday. We had such a fun night out, tonight I have another outfit crisis coming up!

Toppi New Yorkin viime matkalta, tämä pääsi ensimmäistä kertaa päälle viime lauantaina. Oli niin hauska ilta, ja tänään uusiksi, ja uusi asukriisi tänään tiedossa!



Pink and sparkly nails right now

Pinkkiä kimalletta kynsissä nyt just




Vs lotion favorites at the moment

Vs:n tän hetken voidesuosikit


Bright red, my current color crush I told you about. From left to right: blazer, silky top, leather jacket, all from Mango.

Kirkkaanpunainen, se tän hetken lemppariväri josta taisin jo kertoa. Vasemmalta oikealle: bleiseri, silkkinen toppi ja nahkatakki, kaikki Mangosta.


Before bed book. I’m a book nerd again and loving it, haha!

Oon taas kirjanörtti, ja niin iloinen siitä, haha!

66 Responses to past week randoms

  1. Anna says:

    Amazing pictures! :) feels good to see you blogging with more fun again! :) have a lovely weekend with Alexa. <3

    xx Anna

  2. Dani says:

    Ikea is my financial enemy – I just can’t leave the store without buying something.
    I’m curious – what book are you reading right now? I didn’t find a title in your post (or am I blind D: )

  3. xx says:

    Sitä ”viimeistä” vastauspostausta ei taida varmaankaan koskaan tulla…..Varmaankin ihme että vaivauduit edes niihin muutamaan kysymykseen vastaamaan.

  4. NYGal says:

    your posts are always so fun to look at! It would be great if you did a shopping post dedicated to all the stores you like to shop at…I know each post you write where your clothes are from, but it would be interesting if you did a post on where you like to go for basic t-shirts and tank tops, where you shop for casual clothes and sportswear, and where you shop for going out clothes. Just an idea! ;)

  5. Franzi says:

    If the crisis you mentioned is about you wanting to give away that stunningly beautiful top – here I am to save you and take it! ;) I really love it and the nail polish as well. And you’re right, IKEA is always great just to walk through. And you will never leave without having bougt at least some small random stuff. Bad for the purse, good for the soul :)

  6. says:

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