berlin 13.2. – 17.2.

I’ve been planning a trip to Germany to visit my cousin for some time now, and finally plans are turning into action! I just bought the flight tickets, and I’m leaving already in two days. Tomorrow packing and on early Thursday morning I’ll be in Berlin. I’ve really missed my cousin, can’t wait to spend the weekend with her! We see each other so rarely anymore, so we have a lot to catch up. Long time ago when she lived in Finland we hanged out all the time, we’re kind of grown together, even though the most of our lives we’ve been living in different cities. But there are just so many memories from early childhood til this day, she’s always been one of my best friends. I can’t really decide which is my favorite of those two cities I’ve been to in Germany, Berlin or Hamburg, but I’m excited to visit Berlin for change. These pictures below are taken in Hamburg actually. Hopefully I’ll have lots of Berlin pics to share with you guys soon! ;)

Any readers from Berlin? What’s the weather there, and what’s happening this weekend?

Olen suunnitellut serkkuni kanssa mun Berliinin kyläilyä hänen luonaan jo jonkin aikaa, ja vihdoin saatiin meidän aikataulut sopimaan yhteen, nyt suunnitelmat käyvät pikavauhdilla toteen! Ostin just lennot, lähtö ylihuomenna! Huomenna pakkailut ja torstaiaamuna jo Berliinissä! Niin hauskaa viettää viikonloppu serkun kanssa, ja niin paljon kuulumisia vaihdettavana. Vaikka ollaan suurimman osan elämästä asuttu eri kaupungeissa, on mun serkku ollut aina yks läheisimmistä ihmisistä, niin paljon ollaan koettu ja ihan lapsuudesta asti oltu vaan niin samanlaisia. Mua muistutetaan varmaan aina siitä, kun pienempänä syötiin suklaajätskit, ja mä otin tottuneesti serkun vaalean mekon helmasta kiinni ja pyyhin siihen suuni, ja se oli ihan ookoo. Hahah, mä oon kyllä sitä mieltä että se oli vahinko, oli varmaan tarkotus pyyhkiä omaan hameeseen. Tässä alla jotain Hampuri-reissujen kuvia, toivon mukaan mulla on pian täällä jaettavana paljon Berliini-kuvia!


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  1. Sonja

    I’m in Berlin now! It’s cold [wear your warmest jacket!] but amazing!

  2. Kasia

    I was in Berlin recently and I’m not really impressed ;(

    • Agata

      Loved the city but it was really annoying that people who was serving people(in stores and stuff) didn’t speak or very little english. Please just close your city for no others than german people if you just won’t speak anything else than german. common its 2014.

  3. Aylin

    Hey mariannan,
    How are you :)
    I ‘m Aylin , from hamburg .
    At the Moment in Hamburg ab Berlin the
    Weather is okay . Today the Sun was
    Seinige in Hamburg and Not too cold , maybe
    7-10 degree. But at the evening it is colder
    In Berlin is at the Moment the Berlinale . Lots
    Of celebrits are in Berlin!! :) you can’t go to the
    Potsdamer Platz ! There are all Hotels who
    They stay . Potsdamer Platz is a Good Place to
    Shopping too. And the Alexander Platz and the
    Kuhdamm. The Shopping mall KaDeWe is an
    Luxury mall. Maybe you find something in
    Sale at the Moment :)
    And the Brandenburger Tor is good for Sightseeing ,if you like dounuts,the Dounken dounuts are the best! You can find it also at the Brandenburger Tor . The street is: unter den Linden . And there is a street with all Luxury Shops, nur i have forger the street , but i thinks
    Your Cousin know what i meen! Berlin is Soo Big. I think you will enjoy it :)
    I was 3x in Berlin in the past !
    Oh and you can good Shopping in the Big outlet store!!!! Have you a Car in Berlin ?
    Its few Minutes Outside from Berlin , 30min
    I think! You can google it : outletcenter berin
    It Looks like a Little City there, so cute.
    Hope they is a Little help for you :)
    With you a Great Time in Germany!
    Love you and your Blog sooo much! “See you”
    :) Loves & Kisses, Aylin

    • Michaela

      Wau nice tips, think these are really helpful :) Ive be to Berlin couple times and I love it. It´s great for all food, culture and fashion lovers :) BTW Dunkin donuts are not that good, much better are classic german donuts with that red jam and sugar on top :)

      And you MUST go to Block House if you love steaks, their Miss Rumpsteak is just phenomenal! Who agrees? O:-)

      • Anna

        The ones you mean are not really donuts, it’s funny because they’re called ‘Berliner’ haha. But I think it has nothing to do with the city at all :)

      • Anna

        yeah Blockhouse is just too good! :)

      • Michaela

        Yey Berliner thats it! I though they call it like that just in Hamburg :D

      • Jenni

        In Berlin they are calling “Pfannkuchen”, not Berliner. :)

      • Steph

        yeah it’s funny that it’s called ‘Berliner’ everywhere in Germany except in Berlin haha so ask for ‘Pfannkuchen’ at the bakery ;-)

  4. Leanne

    I was in October last year in Berlin and I enjoyed myself so much! nice city!
    i hope that you have also a good time there!

  5. Em

    Have fun!

  6. Paula

    I’ve been in Berlin and I miss so much to this city. I hope that I’ll visit Berlin again.

  7. Sandra

    It’s so funny, that I live 200km from Berlin and I wasn’t there sooooooooo long! wISH YOU THE BEST THERE, hope you’re going to enjoy the trip and maybe shopping, huh? :D

  8. Aylin

    Sorry for the mistakes in writing, wrote from
    My i phone..

  9. Michelle

    I am not from Berlin but I live near Hamburg and I find it so cool that you will visit us! :-)

  10. Nadine

    Can I ask U a big favour? Please tell me what model of Furla bag did U buy ;)
    Your biggest fan

  11. Noush

    What a great news ! I’m happy for you, have a fun time in Berlin :)

  12. Pia

    You’re gonna enjoy yourself! Berlin is amazing for going clubbing, shopping and much more. Especially when you know people from Berlin, who can show you around. There are a lot of beautiful places, tourists normally wouldn’t go to.
    I’m German and for living I would definetely prefer Hamburg, but if you just wanna have a fun weekend, Berlin is awesome!

  13. What Sasha Wears

    Berlin is such a beautiful city! I’ve never been to Hamburg but looks good on these photos:)

  14. Milena

    I’m from hamburg :) (hamburg is much better than berlin ;)) berlin is amazing, i’m going there in two weeks and already have so many things on my to do list. they just opened an forever 21 there, and some other great stores there, so definitely plan some time for shopping. the wether is pretty good in germany lately, not too cold. have fun!

  15. Assol M.

    Oh, this is great news! Let you will have a bright and unforgettable journey! I look forward to the photos, emotions and impressions from you during your trip! Let the preparing pass quickly!

  16. Anonymous

    Hi,my name is Jana.
    I’m from Hamburg.
    This week is the ‘Berlinale’ in Berlin.
    These is the 64th German Film Festival, it goes to the 16th February.
    There are so much international and national stars, it’s amazing.
    The weather is a little bit cold, I would take a warm jacket.
    You really have to go on the Tv-Tower at the Alexanderplatz it’s an amazing view above there!
    Hope you have fun there!

  17. Julie

    Germany looks gorgeous!! That’s where my ancestors come from and it would be so cool to visit one day. Have a fun trip! :)

  18. Jana

    This week is the ‘Berlinale’ in Berlin, the Berlinale is the 64th German Film Festival. They end at the 16th February.
    There are so much international and national stars, it’s amazing!

    The weather there is a bit cold, I would take a warm jacket!
    You have to go on the TV-Tower at the Alexanderplatz, you have an amazing view from above!
    I hope you have fun and it’s great that you visit our wonderful capital city!

  19. Joe

    Hey Marianna,

    I live in Berlin since May 2013 and I love this city.
    The weather will be cloudy and rainy the next few days but not that cold +7°C.
    If you like movies there is the Berlina going right now, a film festival with great
    movies from all over the world. Blockbusters and Independent as well.
    And of course you can go shopping. I like the shops around Weinmeisterstraße.

    Wish you a nice trip and looking forward your pictures and post to Berlin.

    Joe ♥

    >> THE BIG MASH UP <<

  20. Julia

    I’m from Berlin, in the moment you can smell the spring, not that cold +10C. Enjoy!

  21. Karoline

    Wow I am going to Germany in May. I will be in Bonn for a few days and after it flying to NY :-) I live in Czech republic and now, we have here about 5 degrees. My aunt from Bonn wrote me yesterday, that they should have almost 15 C there this week :-)

  22. Anna

    Oh wow, you’re going to Berlin! :) I remember the first post ever I read from you was about your trip to Berlin a few years ago. It’s lovely that you’re able to visit your cousin. Too bad she isn’t living in Hamburg any more (obviously! :D) but I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun in Berlin. I prefer Hamburg for living but to have fun for a weekend Berlin is the place to be :) Are you going to do any tourist stuff or just hanging out with your cousin? I haven’t been in Berlin since my birthday (where I took my flight to HEL, haha) and I miss the city, I’ve so many friends living there and I’d love to go to Berlin during the Berlinale, must be great!

    The weather forecast for this weekend is kinda weird, you should take a warmer jacket and a normal jacket (it will be a bit spring like this saturday!)

    And the best part is, you have plenty of Starbucks shops in Berlin!

    Have a fun weekend in Berlin, Marianna. You’ll love it! xx

  23. Mariaz K.

    It would be great if you could make a post soon after your visit(especially any cafes, restaurants or bars that we could visit ) cause i will be there on the 27 th of the month :) i TRUST your opinion :)

    Love from Athens :)

  24. emma

    mä oon aina kovasti tykkäillyt tosta sun hiustyylistä, kun oot laittanut noi etuhiukset tolleen sivuille :-) pitäisi itsekkin kasvattaa tarpeeksi pitkiksi nämä ‘etuhiukset’, jotta saan kans laitettua tolla tavalla <3

  25. Nicola

    Lovely pictures! Have fun :)

    Nicola xx

  26. Tatjana

    Hi Marianna!

    It’s going to be a little bit cloudy & rainy here in Berlin, so it would be better to pack in an umbrella and some warm clothes! But not too warm it isn’t winter anymore! Clubbing in Berlin is just awesome, as well as the small cafes everywhere. I think you should just discover Berlin on your own, because it’s just too much to recommend!

    Have a nice trip and maaaybe we will see each other but unfortunately it seems impossible!

    Love, Tatjana

  27. Ansku

    Olin vasta Berliinissä ja itseasiassa just tänään katselin kuvia sieltä ja haaveilin uudesta matkasta sinne. Super ihana kaupunki, kivaa matkaa! :)

    • Anonymous

      That’s not so nice… :-(

      • Agata

        I din’t feel really welcome when i went there.. very beautiful city but a lot of people that didn’t speak english who needed to like in the airport. I was yelled at there because who served me didn’t communicate really well, wasn’t my fault.

      • Agnieszka

        I don’t know why you’re complaining so much, Berlin is a really wonderful city, I’m living there since September and really every week I meet really nice, talkative and helpful people. And they’re in their own country, so they’re not obliged to speak english (anyway, since September it never happened to me to meet someone who wouldn’t speak english, have no idea where you went, maybe some other Berlin ;) ).

  28. Michaela

    Hope you have a fun trip! I’ve been to Berlin twice and I hope I’ll be able to go there again this year, because this city is absolutely amazing! It’s not that cold here in Germany at the moment, but pretty grey and windy, so pack a warm jacket anyway!
    Michaela xx

  29. rubfloress

    You should visit other cities in Germany! There are so many beautiful cities in the south and west :) for example Munich :)

  30. Voguerka

    Hi Dear!

    Berlin sounds great. I live like one hour from Berlin so I guess the weather is similar (not warm, not cold) you should be ready for anything. Wish you a lovely weekend :*

    Waiting for some outfits here!


  31. Anna

    Have a great time in Berlin! You should also come to Munich for some time, it’s really beautiful :)


  32. Dora

    Amazing photos. Have a great trip! :)

  33. Anna

    Berlin is cool, but I prefer Hamburg…the city is so much more beautiful…
    Enjoy your stay and maybe you have the chance to see some VIPs cause of the film festival (Berlinale).
    Can’t wait to read of your trip!
    Greetings from the oldest city in Germany, Trier :-)

  34. Elisabeth


    I’m from Berlin and actually it’s rainy and about 10°C :( I wish you so much fun in the capital! But belive me, Hamburg is more beautiful ;)

    Greetings from Germany!

  35. Paula

    Hi Marianna ! Some time ago you mentioned that you will come to Poland. Berlin is pretty close so… will you come ? :)

    PS. sorry for my english !

  36. Jennifer

    That is so exciting! I’ve never been to Germany, but I am definitely hoping to get out of California and make a trip there someday:) You are very lucky

  37. Anna

    Hamburg is the most beautiful city for sure, actually Berlin has some more of that ‘big city flair’ – lots of different atmospheres but exciting things to see where ever you go, shabby, classy, cultural and chic. Viel Spaß in Berlin :)

  38. Caro

    hey marianna!
    i’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time, this is my first comment tho!
    i’m from berlin. you missed the fashion week, but it’s berlinale at the moment, and even if you don’t have tickets they sell some before movies (its a film festival, like cannes, but smaller) and you can go to movie premieres. so there are a lot of parties going on and some concerts, too. also, the stargaze music festival is going on which I’m pretty excited about, its series of concerts at the volksbühne, always good there.
    And you come just in time to see spring coming to berlin! sometimes you can already smell it. i’m sure you have a few wonderful days in berlin. you should not only go to tourist destinations like friedrichstraße but also check out kreuzberg etc, like bergmannstraße and savignyplatz and hackesche höfe etc, but i trust you to find good places ;-) PM me tho, if you need any tips or anything! best wishes and have fun with your cousin in berlin!

  39. Rachel

    I’m going to Berlin in the summer for a long weekend! What would you recommend to do there?

  40. Hannnah

    Ahhh you take great trips! I was wondering if when you come back from your awesome vacation, you would do a makeup post and a post of your favourite shoes and how you keep them in your closet?

    Have a great time and do lots of shopping and site seeing!! :)

    Love from,

    Hannah (Canada)


  41. .dreamer

    Enjoy your trip to Germany :) xoxo

  42. Hope

    I am heading to Berlin soon too! I am very excited, its a city I really want to visit. I have a friend over their who works as an artist and he say that the nightlife is just great. Enjoy your trip!! H x

  43. Anonymous

    I am from berlin…oh I would love to meet you and spent an amazing day together;)
    I am a huge fan

    kisses from Germany

  44. Lisa

    Berlin is really great even though I personally like Hamburg more :)
    But you should really come to Munich! That’s where I live and the city is really fantastic!
    Maybe sometime in September to visit the Oktoberfest :D

  45. Franzi

    Heyyy :) It’s sooo cool to read you’ll be visiting Berlin because I live here. :)
    The weather ist quite nice, it’s getting warmer these days and the sun is shining right now – I keep my fingers crossed for you having this weather, too. But you should come back in summer as well, because Berlin is sooo much nicer in summer with all the green parks, the beach bars, the people who behave completely different in summer when they are relaxed and full of sunny feelings … have an amazing trip though, enjoy my lovely city and feel free to contact me whenever you want to have some sightseeing tips.

    See you soon ;)

  46. Andrea K.

    Dear Marianna,

    I’m Andrea from Hamburg, but always have one eye on Berlin ;-)

    I LOVE your blog. Your pictures remind me so often of my months in Kauhava and my trips to Helsiniki and Turku. Kiitos so much :-D

    This Hotel opened a few weeks ago in Berlin and I think it’s worth to visit. Maybe for breakfast, coffee…

    Enjoy your stay in Germany!

  47. Iwona

    Hallo Marianna!
    I’m polish but living in Berlin almost 4years, and I can tell you, that this is the best city ever!:) You can find here really everything!
    Now the weather is nice, the sun is shining, is about 10*. Till 16.02 is here BERLINALE; its Germany film-festival like this in Cannes, many hollywoodstars are already here :)
    I can recommend you some places to be for example my favorite bar with restaurant and beautiful view of whole Berlin -> SOLAR BAR, when Im there I’m feeling like I’m in some bar from GossipGirl in Mannhattan,
    you have to go to Kreuzberg its one of Berlin’s province, is now very very popular, typical for students, artist etc. Its cheaper, chill out and also underground.
    You can go also to Friedrichstraße, in one of the bouilding is sign ‘UPPER EASTSIDE BERLIN’ -ours small Manhattan -in small cafeteria you can buy macaroons like from Laduree ;)
    If you have more questions or you want some tips (for example the best party, restaurant etc) send me an message, then i will tell you everything what you need:)
    Greetings from Berlin:)

  48. anna

    This is Hamburg ;) not Berlin…

  49. Parisian Bird

    From all the countries I’ve been to I think Germany was the one that unfortunately impressed me the least. But I still hope you had an amazing time there because that’s the main point in traveling. Enjoy it…and take pictures of the city to show us! hahah

  50. abdullah teke

    I wanna have brunch one day with you :) in the near future I hope :*

  51. Marianne

    I love your blog! Very good taste in everything, amazing photographs and beautiful style!

    Have fun in Germany, we appreciate that ; )

    Hugs from Brazil!

  52. Rabea

    Lucky you ! The weather here just got better. It’s cold but sunny most of the time.
    You’ll have the last days of the Berlinale and probably a lot of other things that I have no clue about going on.

    Have a nice stay ! :)

  53. Monika

    Beautiful photos! :))

  54. Laura

    Marianna (:
    I hope you’ll have some wonderful days in our beautiful capital city! But make sure to bring a warm jacket and an umbrella, the weather’s going crazy right now, snow, rain, sunshine – everything at once. Seems like it can’t decide between winter and spring. (;
    Anyway, you should definitely check out the Hackesche Höfe, great for taking pictures and there are some cute little shops, they’re different from the usual H&M, Zara etc stuff. Two years ago I stumbled across a clothing store which was called ‘Who killed Bambi?’ So cool. Maybe it’s still there, it was near the Hackesche Höfe, I think you’d like it. (:

    Have a save flight and have a great time!
    Greetings from Munich,

  55. Kristina

    Don’t take just your red jacket with you! It’s not that warm here in Berlin!!! It’s sunny sometimes, but it’s still pretty cold… No snow, so the shoes won’t be a problem… But take some warm and cozy clothes, too!
    Have fun! Maybe I’ll see you somewhere on the streets next days :)
    Pretty lady :)

  56. LoveLiz

    Hey Marianna,

    I’m not from Berlin, but close to Cologne. It’s actually kinda weird to see you coming to Germany after reading your blog for years now. Currently I’m doing my exchange year in the United States but I bet you will have a bunch of fun. Didn’t you say you actually speak german?
    Is it good and how come you speak it? Just because of your cousin?
    Unfortunately you missed the fashion week, there are a lot of other things going on right now though. Berlinale and lots and lots of parties. Although I don’t question that you will have fun just in your own. I hope you enjoy Germany.

    Have fun and let everybody know how you liked it.

    Love, Liz :)

  57. Aly

    cant wait to see your photos from Germany :)
    have a wonderful trip :) xoxo

  58. Bee

    Hamburg <3 My hometown! You need to come back here soon :)

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