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❀ Fresh strawberries & ice-coffee (summer mood is taking over my fridge now too!)

❀ Tuoreita mansikoita ja jääkahvia (kesänodotusta ilmassa!)

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❀ Purchased this salt spray by Balmain, I had read so many good reviews of this one! Anyone tried it? I did today, seems really good, just like a perfect salt spray should be, but after using it more I could do my own review…

❀ Ostin stockan kantistarjouksesta tän Balmainin suolasuihkeen hiuksille, ja ekan käyttökerran jälkeen vaikuttaa just sellaiselta kuin täydellisen suolasuihkeen kuuluukin olla! Eli kaikki lukemani arvostelut tuskin ovat olleet väärässä. Voisin tarkemmat omat arvostelut kirjoitella vielä kun paremmin testaillut… :)

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❀ Cleaning my window boards. No one probably sees here anything new, but always after re-organizing and putting things differently everything feels so fresh to me!

❀ Ikkunalaudan uudelleenjärjestelyä. Kukaan ei varmaan huomaa tässä mitään uutta tai erikoista hahaa, mutta pienetkin uudistukset tekee itelle niin freesin olon, niinkuin kaikki näyttäisi uudelta!




❀ Washing my sheets and cushions, and trying to figure out something new. I’m searching for the perfect new floral sheets but I don’t know where to find! They had one so cute pink rose sheets at Ikea some time ago but apparently they are not sold anymore… Any tips? (you can probably notice from the picture above my tiny obsession for floral)

❀ Lakanoiden ja tyynyjen pesua, ja tekstiilien uudistuspähkäilyjä. Mulla on etsinnässä uudet kukkalakanat tai muut söpöt, oon aina viivästellyt eräiden Ikean ruusulakanoiden ostoa, ja nyt kun niitä kaipaisin, niin eihän niitä enää myydä! Vinkkejä kellään? (ylläolevasta kuvasta varmaan havaittavissa pieni kukkaobsessio)

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  1. You You

    Lovely pictures!

  2. Noush

    I love your photos !

  3. Susana

    Can you please tell me where your white blanket is from (the one on the bunny pic).
    Speaking of bunny, what color is your bunny, white, cream or pink?
    Is it the big or small bunny?

    Have you tried H&M Home?


  4. Sonja

    Everything looks so cool

  5. Pia

    Nice post and I love the details in your pictures ! And if you’re still looking for some floral sheets you should look at It’s a german website but they have some nice sheets, I bought some of mine there :)

  6. Elena

    Absolutely looooove all these pics Mariannan!!!
    Here in Italy there are still those floral sheets you’re talking about .. I know Italian Ikea is not so convenient for you, it’s just a little bit far away :)
    Good luck for your future sheets and wish you a wonderful w/e
    Elena xx

  7. xxx

    zara home have nice floral sheets

  8. Gabriela

    Lovely photos:)) The floral sheets look so beautiful!! And I have summery mood too!:) All of my meals have to be light and everything has to be in spring and summer colors:D Love your blog♥

  9. Kyomi Richards

    You take the most amazing photos! Those strawberries look irresistible.
    I love your little bedside table/storage and I’m excited for your review on the salt spray, I’ve been looking for the perfect one! x

  10. abdullahteke

    You’re amazingly beautiful in every way possible.hope you’re enjoying the great weather :)

  11. Emma

    Lovely photos ! I love your decoration.

  12. Carmen

    Love this! Your quote poster is so amazing!


  13. M

    Where are your sunglasses from? The pair from the last pic, love it!

  14. Chantelle

    I’m not sure if they ship to you, but urban outfitters and anthropologie online always have really pretty bed sheets and comforters.

  15. lulu

    Looks so awesome <3

  16. Elena

    Gorgeous photos

  17. Elena

    i love the way you decorate your place. such a great inspiration for my own apartment which i’m about to rent.

  18. Virginie

    I love your Home decor! So lovely :)
    Feels so fresh! Need summer… Hahah
    Have a nice weekend!

  19. Marta

    You do such a beautiful pictures, I’ m in love in it. I looking for a new camera, can You tell what camera you use ? I will be really greatful

  20. Marjo

    Ihanan tyttömäinen sisustus! <3

  21. Aylin

    Hello again marianna,
    i have found some floral sheets for you

    see here: (from H&M)

    with you a nice relaxing weekend :)

    kind regards , Aylin

  22. Farina

    Hi beauty :)
    beautiful pictures, the strawberries look very fresh & delicious!

  23. Catherine

    Adorable! I love your photos.

  24. Carla

    Lovely photos!

  25. Canan

    Love the details! Could you please tell me the brand of your watch on the right one?:-)

  26. Simone

    Nice pictures, as always :)

    You speak German, right? The online shop Gingar at has floral bedsheets, just enter “BETTWÄSCHE CHERRY ROSE” into the search function, it looks quite pretty, maybe you will like it.

    Other than that, I would also recommend Zara Home and H&M Home. And if I find anything else, I will let you know.


  27. Johanna

    ihania kuvia :))

    • marianna

      Kiitoksia Johanna! :)

  28. Niki

    I love your decor and how you can switch out little details to match the seasons, its so refreshing!

  29. Michelle

    Marianna, I would looove to see how you edit your photos! Maybe you can post a tutorial or something like that. It would be sooo great!

  30. annn

    Tsekkaa H&M HOME ja Hemtex, molemmilla valikoimissa muutamat kukkalakanat :)

    • marianna

      Hemtexistä löytyi! ;) Kiitos vinkeistä!

  31. Monika

    Fantastic details :))

  32. Masa

    Lovely! Where is your jewelery box from?

  33. Healthy Aga

    Oh, strawberries – and summer is easy :)) Your apartment is perfect! (and so floral ;) )

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