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This is how big my smile was after reading a certain e-mail… I got to know that you guys have voted me to the top ten in the Aussie Awards Readers’ Choice voting!! How amazing is that, all I can say is thank you! If you haven’t voted yet and feel like doing it, check the side of my blog –>.  The voting is still going on for a couple of days, and the awards are held next weekend! I’m so excited to meet all the bloggers, but I’m sensing a little what-to-wear crisis coming up. Maybe I’ll come up with a few choices and ask your opinion!

I’ve had so much inspiration and enthusiasm with blogging lately, making different kind of posts and just having too much ideas what to do next. And I couldn’t be more grateful of the comments you’ve wrote me, especially on the one where I wrote more personal things. I feel somehow so safe around my blog to wrote those things when I know the support I have out there. Anyway, the point with this post was to wish you all a lovely Friday, with today’s outfit pictures! :)

Ei voi nyt kuin hymyillä, sillä arvatkaa mitä! Te ihanat ihmiset siellä ootte äänestäneet mut Aussie Awardsien Readers’ Choicessa top kymppiin. Vitsi miten siistiä, kiitos! Äänestys on vielä pari päivää käynnissä, jos vielä haluatte keretä äänestämään (tai mielitte voittaa luksusristeilyn tai muita palkintoja jotka arvotaan Suomen sisällä vaan) niin tsekatkaahan blogini oikea reuna –>. Tai klikatkaa tänne jos haluatte mun äänestyssivulle! Gaala on jo ensi viikonloppuna, niin hauskaa nähdä kaikkia bloggaajia! Voi olla että pieni asukriisi tulossa, voisin ehkä koota jotain vaihtoehtoja ja kysyä teidän mielipidettä…

Mulla on viimeaikoina ollut melkeen liikaakin inspiraatiota blogin suhteen, välillä en tiedä mistä oikein aloittaa kaikkien ideoiden kanssa! Ja en voisi olla kiitollisempi teidän jättämistä kommenteista, varsinkin siihen postaukseen jossa kerroin pitkästä aikaa vähän syvemmin ajatuksistani. Tuntuu jotenkin niin turvalliselta kirjoittaa tänne henkilökohtaisimpiakin tekstejä, kun tiedän minkälainen tuki siellä on ja ihmisiä samojen ajatusten kanssa. No joka tapauksessa, tarkoitus oli tulla tämän päivän asun kanssa toivottamaan ihanaa perjantaita kaikille! :)

perrjantaii4 perrjantaii3 perrjantaii2 perrjantaii5 perrjantaii6 perrjantaii7

Sweater SamsoeSamsoe
Jeans Gina Tricot
Bag Givenchy
Sneakers Reebok

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    • WOWS

      Lovely distressed jeans!!! You look great on them.

      Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

      Today I bring you a Comfy Chic outfit with a Rock touch….and lovely and fine new jewelry!

  1. Anonymous

    Are these shoes – Princess Reebok ?

    • marianna

      No I don’t think so.. I can’t remember the model anymore, but they are quite new so should be in Reebok online store I think!

  2. patrycjar

    What is the name/model of these shoes ?

  3. Lovisa

    Love those Reebok shoes on you! It’s so different from your normal style but it really works well on you :)

    • marianna

      Wow what a comment, that’s nonsense, but thank you! <3

  4. Anna

    I love when you’re smiling. <3 you look gorgeous, even in a casual outfit. And Marianna, congratulations for the top ten news. You deserve every single vote you get. I will continue voting for you, I want you to win.

    I think it's a lovely idea to ask your readers about next weeks outfit! :D

    Thank you for your lovely words. You're the best! Have a nice weekend. <3

    • marianna

      Aw :) Thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend you too! <3

  5. Julia

    Apuaaa oot oikeesti niin suloinen neito!! ja nuo kengät ovat aivan ihanat! :) Hyvää viikonloppua sinulle!

    • marianna

      Hihi voi kiitos Julia, ihanasti sanottu! Samaa sinne! :)

  6. Eline

    Well you deserve it all Marianna! You seem like such a lovely girl and your blog is just amazing.
    I wish I would have a blog like yours!

    I don’t have a fashion blog though. Mine is more like lifestyle photography..
    I wonder if you might fancy doing another post about how to improve your blog and get it out in the world? :)

  7. Noush

    Congratulations !
    I love this casual look :)

  8. Natali

    Congratulations on being voted in top 10! You’re such a sweet girl and I love reading your blog
    so good luck with this and everything you’ll do in the future :)
    Btw, these sneakers are amazing!


  9. Magdalena

    Hope you will win Marianna! I keep one’s fingers crossed for you!
    I love your outifit, this is definetly my taste :)
    Take care!

  10. Nancy

    I’m so happy for you Marianna! :D (I’m smiling with you).
    Have a lovely weekend.

    • marianna

      Thank you Nancy, so sweet! :)

  11. pia

    Congratulations, you deserve it!
    I love this casual outfit, you look beautiful! I adore your blog, best blog ever!

    • marianna

      <3 ! Thank you!!

  12. Dixi Wonderland

    Really love this outfit, simple but still hot :D You are amazing and I hope you keep on updating as much as you do nowl. So much fun :D

    • marianna

      Thanks so much! Yes I definitely will! :)

  13. amoments

    Congratulations Marianna! You can always count on your readers whether you feel happy or not so much! So glad to see that you are inspired and glowing again. Just remember, that you are the best!

    Take care,

    • marianna

      Thank you for those kind words, means a lot. <3

  14. Grace

    Hey dear!
    I always love coming to your blog. Its so pretty and refreshing, exactly what I need after seeing so much gray lately.
    I would love, if you could stop by my blog and give it a look. I just started but I’ve been posting quite some posts already :)
    hugs, Gracie

    • marianna

      Thank you Grace, blogs are a great place to escape sometimes, I do that too haha! :) I hope you’ll enjoy blogging, good start!


  15. ania

    Youre in top ten because youre the best! I dont know how can you do that but I love reading your posts and your outfits are so inspirational. I wish I have as goos blog as you have :)

    And I have to tell you that you look more beautiful , do you use new make up or something? :D



    • marianna

      Too sweet, thank you Ania <3 Comments like that keep my inspiration alive!

      Haha now that I think I might have used a different shade of eyeshadow or something… :D Which reminds me I need to do a new makeup post asap!


  16. Pinja

    Ihanat farkut! Ja tottakai koko asu muutenkin :)

    • marianna

      Kiitos paljon Pinja! :)

  17. kasia

    Really nice sneakers :)

    • marianna

      Thank you Kasia, I really like the sneakers too, so white and fresh! :)

  18. Juli

    congrats! and amazing sneakers :)

  19. Dilek

    You deserve it. You are gorgeous inside and out, and you are full with creative ideas. ^^

    • marianna

      Thank you so much Dilek! :)

  20. Catherine

    You look amazing. <3

  21. Veronika

    Love your blog Marianna!!!

    Congratulations for being voted for such a famous awards…
    Can I ask you, what size of jeans do you have? I´d love to order them from ginatricot.com, because I´m
    from Czech republic and unfortunately we don´t have this store here…

    Thank you very much for your respond,
    Take care and keep continue with this amazing blog you have!!!!!


    • marianna

      Looks like I have them in size 26/30. :) Thank you Veronika!

    • marianna

      Apua kiitos Jozella, itse olet! <3

  22. Somebody

    Congratulations! Nice outfit!:)

  23. Julita

    Dear Sir, could you add some pic on your bike ? I’m intrested in what your bike look. Please, take a photo on bike and if you could – add on blog or instagram :)
    Love, xoxo

  24. Sara

    Congrats on your top 10 spot!! You are doing so great on your blog lately, I love the more frequent posts and I love the variation. Excellent job Marianna!

    X Sara


    • marianna

      Thanks so much Sara, so happy to hear that! I love doing different kinds of posts here, keeps the mind creative haha! :)

  25. Laura

    Love your casual and sporty outfit <3 so beautiful :)
    have a great weekend!



  26. Josefina

    Wow! I think you are one of the most beautiful girls in the world!!

    • marianna

      Oh wow, I’m speechless now, thank you! :D <3

  27. Chantelle

    Congrats!! We totally adore you because you’re so so sweet and it comes across in your writing (also, you have great style :P).

    • marianna

      Thank you so much lovely! :)

  28. Susanna

    Onko nuo housut tämän nimiset Kristen zip jeans?

    • marianna

      Juuripa ne! :)

  29. Gabriela

    Really lovely outfit!! Love your photos:) I think that you’re on the top of the blog world, co it’s not a big surprise, that you’re in top 10 in the Aussie Awards Readers’ Choice:) I love your blog so much and you give me an inspiration for everyday life in every posts and always good mood:) Thank you for that!!♥

  30. buntleben

    I ♥ your style!

  31. Mike

    You’re just the most perfect girl in the world :) One day, I’ll marry you! ^^

  32. Riikka

    Tykkään sun farkuista, ne on ihan täydelliset!

  33. Nikki

    I LOVE this outfit Marianna, those shoes are awesome!! X

    • marianna

      Thank you so much Nikki! :)


  34. Vivi

    I love reading a bit more personal things on blogs, it makes me feel more “connected” to that person (if that makes sense? not in a stalker-ish way of course haha)

    Vivi xx

    • marianna

      I’m so happy if you felt that way, and I know exactly what you mean. :) Thank you Vivi!


  35. Causeimmagirl

    Simply perfect!
    I seriously love ur style ♥

    • marianna

      Aw how sweet, thank you!! <3

  36. Stephanie

    Congrats! Nice outfit, nice and simple yet effortlessly chic x


  37. Eva

    Love this casual look on you, you’re very pretty!
    Anyway, I’m going to NY soon so I was wondering where to get the best cheesecake. You seem so passionate about them hahah, can you tell me which one was the best in your opinion?
    Cheers from Croatia! :)

    • marianna

      Thank you Eva! Oh yes I love cheese cake! Weird but I’ve only eaten it in one place in New York, Brendan’s Grill, well that was at least amazing! :) I hope you’ll have a lovely trip in NY! I’m jealous!! :D


      • Eva

        Thank you for the tip, I’ll definitely try it out! If everythingfails there’s always Starbucks and their varieties :D
        This will be my first time in NYand I’ve been grinning like an idiot since I found out I was going hahaha… Thanks again and have a nice week :) <3

  38. Eppu

    Aaaaa näytät niin hyvälle! Ihana asu! Minkä niminen toi paita on? Näyttää niin istuvalta päällä. Oisko mahollista saada linkkiä jos vielä myynnissä. Kiitos :)

    • marianna

      Apua kiitos Eppu! <3 Neule on SamsoeSamsoen, ostin sen jostain pikkuputiikista jonka nimeä en saa nyt millään päähän, mutta varmaan vois netistäkin löytyä! Harmikseni en näe mallin nimeä :/

  39. Susanna

    Minkä kokoiset nuo housut on? Voiko se polven kohdalta tavallaan ratketa kokonaan se “revitty” kohta?

    • marianna

      26/30 on mulla, ja kyllä sieltä välillä ihoa pilkoittaa mutta en usko että se siitä ratkeaa enempää. :)

  40. abdullahteke

    Marianna you’re the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I hope you achieve your wildest dreams, you inspire many people , they see their dreams through your blogs and photos,And give them hope…..well I hope you the best. . Take care . Have a great weekend, , don’t text and drive. <3

  41. Annebel

    Congrats! You truly deserve it!
    Love the bag you wear!

  42. Wiktoria

    I like it! I love sporty look with an elegance detail, I mean about that back :)

  43. Anna

    Where did you get this necklace? :)

    • marianna

      Snö of Sweden :)

  44. pauline


    Is your watch michael cors;> what model;>

    • marianna

      I own a Michael Kors watch the model called MK5055, but here I have Nixon watch on my wrist :)

  45. Emma

    Hi Mariannan,

    Beautiful as always!

    Hello all the way from Australia! I’ve been trying to vote for you but I don’t think I can when entering all my Australian details. It asks to enter my address and then says “not acceptable”. I’ve tried translating but I’m so lost, haha!

    By the way I love your style! I personally find it a cross between, simple, classy, comfortable and everyday wearing. All these things I’d tick of my fashion list.

    Stay beautiful, strong and independent! The world is grateful to have somebody like you! x

    • marianna

      Thank you Emma! Oh too bad, I hope that’s not a common problem! :o Don’t know what could be wrong there… But thank you so so much, means a lot to me. <3 You’re too kind!

  46. Marianne

    Oot aivan ihana! Tosi kiva simppeli asu näissä kuvissa :) <3

    Picture Me

    • marianna

      Kiitos ihana Marianne! <3

  47. http://happylifeplan86.blogspot.com/

    This is my first time commenting here, but I finally had to write it :) You were a motivation for me to write my own blog. I am your fan since almost the beggining and I will be still – I love your blog, great job :)

    • marianna

      How lovely is that, thank you so much!! :) Blogging is addicting!


      • abdullahteke

        You never reply back to me :(

      • marianna

        Sorryy :) Still I’ve always read your comments, here and on instagram, thank you for the many of them! :)

  48. Monika

    Nice casual look :))

  49. M

    I really like your style. It’s simple but elegant. And i want to say that this sneakers are great! I hope you win the award. Kisses!

  50. Virginie

    Lovely casual and chic outfit! You look so pretty as always!
    Congratulations for the awards! :)
    Much love, and have a nice week!
    xxx Virginie

  51. aleksandra

    Perfect Marianna <3

  52. Healthy Aga

    Great outfit! :) I like that kind of being casual :)

  53. heidi

    I LOVE this sweater- can you tell me where I might be able to find it?
    I have 2 sisters (foreign exchange students) that live there in Helsinki and would love to have one of them pick up for me if it is a local item.


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