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This skirt is seriously like made for me. It’s wrapped – a trend that I love – and in animal print! The comfy fabric and tight fit makes it one of my favorite skirts. The closer spring and summer gets, the more my love for mini skirts shows up. To balance it out I usually choose a loose top, tight + tight combination is often too much for me, and well, I’ve learned what looks flattering on me and what does not… This combo I got to choose from Girissima‘s new collection. Just how perfect is that skirt?! Pleaaase weather, warm up now quickly, I don’t want to wear tights anymore!

Tää hame on kuin tehty mulle. Ennen kaikkea se on kietaisutyylinen – trendi jota rakastan – ja vielä mulle sopivan neutraalissa eläinprintissä! Mukava matsku ja istuvuus tekee siitä yhden tän hetken lempparihameista. Mitä lähemmäs kevättä ja kesää tullaan, sitä useammin taas huomaan haluavani pukea hameita, vaikka vielä niitä sukkiksia tarvitaankin. Talven mukavuudenhaluisuus farkku/verkkari-minä alkaa pikku hiljaa antamaan tilaa kesä-minälle. Minihameiden kanssa kyllä lähes aina valitsen löysän yläosan tasapainottamaan kokonaisuutta. Koko kireä kombo (kolmen koon kauhistus?) ei vain ole mulle, oon oppinut myös mikä mun vartaloa imartelee ja mikä ei… Mutta tämä hame, ah. Kiitos Girisimmalle kun sain taas penkoa uusia mallistoja ja valkkailla sieltä!

awrap8 awrap4 awrap2 awrap6 awrap3 awrap5 awrap

Top Custommade *

Skirt Stine Goya *

Jacket French Connection *

Heels All Saints

*gifted from Girissima.com

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  1. Roxanna

    you are adorable!

  2. chiaraem

    I seriously think you’re way too beautiful. You’re right, this skirt fits you perfectly, everybody can percieve it from these pics.
    Kisses from Italy! :*

  3. Anna

    Love the shirt! :) and the skirt looks perfect on you, even when I’m not a fan of animal print. Where the star bracelet from? It’s so tiny and cute. & which nail polish are you wearing?

    All in one, a great outfit. As usual. :) <3

  4. matildanna

    Voi että tuo hame on kyllä siisti! Niinkun sanoit itsekkin, sopivan hillitty tuo eläinkuosi mutta samalla todella mielenkiintoinen (‘: Upeita oli nämä kuvatkin, tosin, ne on sulla aina niin kauniita <:


  5. pia

    Wow I love absolutely everything about this outfit :) The skirt is perfect! Your are a big inspiration for me!

  6. Gabriela

    The skirt and the jackets are so amazing!!! Really love them both!! And can I ask, what do you use for your hair? I think, that Im not the only one who see the diference. Your hair looks diferent in the last few posts, so shiny and smooth, just perfect!♥

  7. Magdalena

    Soooo pretty!
    Love this animal print, it’s one of my favourite. I take note of your black shoes, could you show them in different outifts? Them look very nice. You look great Marianna, whatever you wear :)

  8. millamainen

    Tosi hyvältä näyttää! :) Oot niin siro ja suloinen.

  9. Tina

    You look so good as always:) and I love this jacket! this pastel beige color suits you and you look so fresh!

  10. Noush

    Amazing skirt !

  11. Somebody

    Nice outfit:)

  12. Chantelle

    That skirt is really lovely! It’s super cold here in Chicago still so i Feeeeeeellll your pain.

    • marianna

      Oh nooo the same thing! But every day summer is a day closer… ;) Thank you lovely Chantelle!

  13. Brittney

    I absolutely love you mini skirt, and the way you paired it with a simple statement tee. Great Outfit!! <3

    • marianna

      Thank you Brittney! :)

  14. hobovogue

    gorgeous! love the moto + mini combo. it’s so easy and versatile and yours is all dolled up!

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

  15. Carmen

    Love this! The leopard wrap mini pulls it all together perfectly!


    • marianna

      Voii kiitos, itse olet <3

    • marianna

      Thank you Sasa! :)

  16. Elena

    love the skirt. i saw a similar one in zara and i really want to get it.

  17. Alina Ermilova

    I absolutely love the outfit! And I just can’t wait for summer to wear all these skirts and dresses!



  18. Natty

    I love this outfit! Your skirt, T-shirt and jacket ♥ very nice!

  19. Monika

    Love your jacket, top and heels :))

  20. Lea

    I really love the combo! Not too casual, not too sexual. And the skirt seems so delicate and soft. I really like it. Totally wearable :)

  21. Annie

    Looks even better without the jacket! What a stunning girl :)

  22. Viola

    Amazing skirt! On your last post I aksed you about the model of yours macbook :) Please, write me if you are pleased with it? AKisses! And I’m waiting for your response! :)

    • Tina

      This is MacBook Air, I have the same:)

  23. syl-v

    your legs + that wrap skirt = perfect! (hahaha I want both)

  24. Catherine

    Love the jacket!!! Beautifull!!!!

  25. Mimi

    You are such an inspiration for me. I love all if your outfits and you are a beautiful girl.

    Xo Mimi

  26. Marine

    Gorgeous as always :)
    Have a nice day.

  27. sonja

    Wow perfect outfit. You look amazing!

  28. Daniella

    That skirt is lovely! I really like the wrapped style too. And it looks fab with your jacket! I can’t wait for spring/summer too
    Daniella x


    • marianna

      Thank you so much Daniella! :)

  29. Pia

    I usually dont like animal Print but the skirt you wear is soo beautiful! I will definitely look for a similar One :)


  30. Daria.

    This skirt looks really good ;>

    Weather is pretty ugly in Poland too. It’s rainy and windy and sooo cold, so I know what you feel.
    But I keep thinking that summer is coming! Can’t wait to wear sansals and shirts without tights :)

  31. Martynna

    You look amazing! Simple and pretty

  32. LE

    You have clearly photoshopped your arms and thighs thinner in these photos. I know the tools myself (because of my work) and I can see the spots of photoshopping :((

    Why do you do that?! Don’t you have any responsibility.. there are many young girls who read your blog and admire you.

    • marianna

      I have never in the history of blogging done that, and never will, so you can only imagine how amusing (but kind of frustrating) I found your accusation. And exactly, why would I do that? I would rather photoshop the opposite way, but seriously, never retouched my pictures like that.

  33. Luiza

    Marianna, where are you? :) I’m waiting fir another post :) Best regards from Poland

    • marianna

      New post is up! :) And explanation why it’s been so quiet here, sorry for that!


  34. Healthy Aga

    So beautiful skirt, I love that kind of style :)

  35. Aurora Nastel

    Your outfit is pretty!
    I am not a big fan of the leather jacket but the rest is REALLY nice and perfect for spring!



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